Believe in Love by Amanda Mariel

Dare she believe in love, or is it only her body at stake?

Believe in love

Lady Brooke Linwood never could have guessed what would happen after she literally ran into the Duke of Grafton. Now the devilishly handsome duke won't leave her alone, and with each moment they spend together Brooke's determination to resist him slips a little more. Dare she believe in love, or is it only her body at stake?

Drake has loved Lady Brooke since he was a boy, and once promised to come for her when he was grown. Little did he know that his father would leave their estate and fin aces in ruin. Drake struggled to right his affairs, all the while dreaming of the day he could go to Brooke. Now, after ten long years, he is in a position to claim her. But will she have him?

Can a love formed in childhood then neglected for a decade be reignited?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Historical / Victorian

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Language: English

Keywords: Regency, Victorian, Historical Romance, British Fiction, Love Regency Style, Saga, Rogue, Fiction and Literature, Historical, Historical fiction

Word Count: 17841

Sales info:

Believe in Love is the 5th book in an established series. It has strong and consistant sales.

Sample text:

Brooke sighed, her heart pounding. “We’re only fourteen and fifteen. You’ll forget about me long before we are grown, and I don’t care what’s out there. I’m happy here.” She frowned.

“I promise you will find happiness elsewhere. There will be lots of girls at school, and you will make more friends.” Drake lifted her from her feet and twirled her in circles. He smiled as he spun her faster, her laughter bursting forth. “That’s my girl.” He smiled.

Brooke’s heart filled near to bursting. For the thousandth time this summer, she wondered if she might love him. It was an emotion she had no experience with, other than knowing what love wasn’t.

It certainly was not parents who did everything possible to avoid their daughter. Love was not loneliness and tears. And it couldn’t possibly be people who cared more for themselves than anyone else.

Love had to be something more, something like shared laughter, camaraderie, and warm smiles. Something like what she and Drake shared. 

Brooke tipped her head back, letting the sun warm her face as the surrounding blue sky and lavender field swirled past. Her heart swelled as she met Drake’s gaze.

Surely love was laughter and lighthearted fun? Love must be two people who enjoyed each other’s company. A boy and a girl who listened to each other and genuinely cared what the other felt. And a fluttering belly and excitement when they saw each other.




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