Basic Hypnosis by Lena Sheehan, Eileen Sheehan

A comprehensive guide to hypnosis

Basic hypnosis


This self-help book is ideal for the beginning student seeking hypnosis as a profession or the newly inquisitive who is looking for ways to improve themselves. The informative and easy to understand contents include sample inductions for the most common situations to help get the reader get started. 
Inside these pages you will learn the basics about hypnosis; from its history, to how to perform a standard hypnosis session. Actual scripts are provided, along with suggestions on how to create scripts that are designed for your specific and individual needs.
Whether you prefer conscious hypnosis or a traditional hypnosis induction, this book provides you with the tools to help you change the thoughts and the life of yourself and others.

“We are what we think.” Buddha

Change your thoughts... Change your life!

Genre: HEALTH & FITNESS / General

Secondary Genre: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Healing / General

Language: English

Keywords: hypnosis, self-help, introduction, hypnotherapy, health and wellness

Word Count: 26,650

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Sample text:

Hypnosis has a wide and varied background and few people are aware or its ancient origins. Some of man’s earliest history is filled with allusions to the existence of the hypnoidal state.   It’s been pointed out that Cave Paintings depict humans dab­bling in trances over five thousand years ago.  A Grecian cult, the cult of Aesculapius, cured insomnia through apparently hypnotic trances.

 In preparation for healing, a shaman adhered to cer­tain practices that allowed his powers of concentration to be heightened.    Because the shaman needed to feel focused, he would place himself in an environment that was not distracting in any way.  It was not uncommon to find him in a dark, quiet room or an isolated place in the forest or in a cave.    There, the shaman made himself as comfortable as possible and be­gan his descent into what he called the lower world.  This of­ten meant visualizing an opening in the earth and journeying downward into that opening. More often than not, the journey was accompanied by the rhythmic and monotonous beating of drums, singing or chanting.

 It is thought that the Egyptian priests used the sleep temples and ritualistic ceremonies to cure illness. In a Brit­ish Museum, there is a base-relief from a tomb in the Thebes showing the Egyptian Hypnotist practicing his art.  It’s been pointed out that in the ancient Greece temple of comedy and tragedy were used for the healing of various maladies.  The comedians were highly respected by the community because of their ability to use positive suggestions for promotion of cures.

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