Baby Inheritance by Mckenna James

It only took a day for her to lose everything. But give her nine months and a pact with her best friend’s brother, and she can get it all back.

Baby inheritance

It only took a day for her to lose everything.

But give her nine months and a pact with her best friend’s brother, and she can get it all back.


It sucks waking up rich, then finding out your father has stolen everything you had. But a clause in my grandmother’s will can solve all my problems.

There’s one catch – I need to have a baby.

I’ve always wanted to be a mother. To have a family.

But I’ll need to beat my rival cousin to the delivery room in order to inherit.

Good thing my best friend’s devilishly handsome brother needs a cash injection to keep his construction company afloat.

I’ve had a secret crush on him since before I needed a bra, so making a baby with him sounds like a dream come true.

Now I’ve just got to convince him to get me pregnant.

And pray he doesn’t break my heart in the process.


Growing up, I never paid much attention to my kid sister’s friend Valentina.

But damn has she changed. Now she’s all curves and legs that go on forever.

One minute I’m floundering to make payroll, the next she’s telling me that she needs someone to get her pregnant.

If it all goes according to plan, she’ll split fifty million dollars with me.

My brain hurts from the possible complications, but the way she bites her bottom lip when she asks—it makes the wrong head do the thinking.

Solving my financial problems in exchange for stud service…

How soon can I start?

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / New Adult

Language: English

Keywords: baby romance, baby daddy, rags to riches , best friend's brother, brother's best friend, fake marriage, friends to lovers, contemporary romance

Word Count: 57107

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This book has been a consistent top seller. Reached the 200's in US Amazon store. Still sells well six months later.

Sample text:


“Yes, ma’am. I tried it twice. Do you have another…”

The attendant's voice trails off as I glare daggers at him. I ignore the barely audible snort escaping from my friend Penelope’s lips. She’s standing directly behind me, no doubt because she doesn’t want to miss a moment of witnessing my card being declined. She must be thinking that all her Christmases have come in one impromptu visit to the day spa. In fact, I’m surprised she’s controlling herself as well as she is.

“Sure, give me a second,” I mutter, rummaging through my purse.

I thrust a diamond card at him and wave him off, making sure he knows how put out I am by all of this. He doesn’t meet my gaze as he mumbles a thank you, before he scrambles out of my sight. Taking a deep breath, I plaster on my most I-don’t-give-a-fuck smile before turning back to my friends.

“Sorry about that,” I say with a lazy sigh.

“I’m sure it’s just a mix up with the bank,” Holly offers, flicking her long dark hair away from her eyes.





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