Awakening of Miracles: Personal Testimonies of God's Healing Power by Bill Vincent

Bill Vincent has seen some of the most powerful miracles in many people's lives.

Awakening of miracles: personal testimonies of god's healing power

Bill Vincent has seen some of the most powerful miracles in many people's lives. He has come to realize that through receiving so many healings in his own life, has unlocked the realm of miracles for others. This book compiled of the testimonies that have change Bill's life and awakened God's healing power for others. Repeatedly God has truly proved His healing power through many miracles and healings in Bill's life. Today Bill Vincent has been anointed by God to set the captives free. God has blessed Bill with the honor of leading three successful Revivals all with tangible healings and miracles. Bill has literally seen thousands healed. God is faithful.

Genre: RELIGION / Christian Life / Inspirational

Secondary Genre: RELIGION / Christian Life / Personal Growth

Language: English

Keywords: Christian Life, Christian, Christian living

Word Count: 9000

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This book has been a good seller. Bill Vincent has authored 50 book so sales will be great.

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In some ways, some will say that my childhood was somewhat normal. After living it, I would have to disagree with that. I am only going to share some things here but I experienced things no child should have. My Dad passed away when I was six years old and my Mom battled many emotional problems that caused her not to make the best decisions sometimes.

Now Mom has been healed of many things and we have a great relationship today.

Let’s Begin with my boils experience.


Like any young man my cousins and I were very mischievous sometimes. We would go deep into the woods, ride on a couple logs on a lake and sometimes we would get pretty messed up.

One time we were playing something, I’m sure we made up. I kept running in a corn field and through a lot of high grassy areas. After hours of play, all of a sudden, all up and down my arms and neck was these big pus filled boils. Some of these were so big that if I moved my arm, the boils would jiggle like Jello. Some of these were about six inches in length and two inches in volume. Some of my family began to pop the blister like boils but I have to admit, this was not the way. I would scream in pain. My mom always would pray or at least utter simple words like “maybe God will just heal you Bill.” Within a couple of hours with no treatment or medicine all the boils went down to nothing. All you could see is some loose skin where the biggest boils were. Praise the Lord!!!

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