Authorpreneur: Making Steady Income From e-book Royalties by Kristen James

"Tons of immediately useful ideas from a pro who is 'in the trenches' of self-publishing."

Authorpreneur: making steady income from e-book royalties

Authorpreneur: a noun. A professional author/entrepreneur who strives to improve in all areas of the publishing business: writing, publishing and marketing.

What does it really take to make it as an author? What are realistic production and promotion costs? Do many people make money publishing ebooks, and how much?

“Authorpreneur” takes a look at what’s involved in independent publishing and what you can expect at different career phases such as:

Starting Out with ebook publishing

Multi-published author

Earning $500 per month and growing

And even feeling stuck in writing and marketing

I discuss real numbers and what success means to different people—it’s not just about money. This book is for writers who value great storytelling and connecting with readers, and who want to develop their career, not just spike ebook sales for a month.

“Authorpreneur” is filled with tips you can do during set up, how to get sales moving again, and all the strategies I’ve used to sell more books, doubling my sales every year and tripling my income.

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Secondary Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / General

Language: English


Word Count: 31,000

Sales info:

#1 bestseller in Marketing & Sales: Advertising (Kindle US)

#1 bestseller in Marketing & Sales: Accounting (Kindle US)

Highly rated on Amazon US and UK

Shares secrets of self publishing (indie publishing)

Sample text:

What is an Authorpreneur? This is the term that came into being within the last few years that encapsulates being an author and entrepreneur, and it covers terms such as self published author, Indie author and hybrid author. (Some might argue that traditionally published authors are entrepreneurs too.)   

In years past, every other industry esteemed people who started their own business, but not so in publishing… until now. Self publishing is becoming mainstream, Indie authors are earning a steady income, self published books are hitting the #1 spots on ebook seller lists. In the last week of April 2013, five of the top ten ebooks were self published. The week before that, the #1 and #2 ebooks were self published. Some highly successful Indie authors are signing print-only deals with major publishing houses while others are choosing to remain self published and retain all of their rights. There are also hybrid authors that use the best of both publishing routes to achieve their goals and reach more readers. We have options now. The gatekeepers are readers. It’s an amazing time to be an author and I feel so blessed to be a part of what is happening.

Like traditional publishing, self publishing has its mega bestsellers, big sellers, midlist authors and many authors hoping to join those ranks. Unlike traditional publishing, self publishing provides the opportunity for midlist authors to earn significant income from their work, even in niche markets or a few thousand book sales per month. Indie bestseller Hugh Howey wrote that he’s not the big story of self publishing—rather, it’s all the authors making a living. He posed a question on the Kindle Boards to see if many authors were making it, and he was flooded with responses.

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