As I Workout by Valerie Hockert

Katelyn, who works at a gym, observes other people, reflects and decides her life wasn't so bad after all, and discovers her purpose in life.

As i workout

Katelyn, who is very health-conscious, enrolls in a health club in a small town that she had recently moved to.  While working out at the club, she observes the various clients of the club who come and go and work out there as well.  Some of them come with a partner.  Some look like they are trying to get in shape after a relationship breakup; others for health reasons.  She looks at these people, each one of them representing a part of her past life; the life she thought she was running away from by moving out of a metropolitan area to a small town.  Katelyn reflects and decides her life wasn't so bad after all, and discovers her purpose in life.

Genre: FICTION / Family Life

Secondary Genre: FICTION / General

Language: English

Keywords: workout, working out, basketball, team sports, exercise, running, winning

Word Count: 25,451

Sample text:

The alarm went off the same time as usual, at six o’clock in the morning.  A yawn and a hand coming down to silence the alarm was the only response Katelyn ever gave.  She sat upright in her bed, fully refreshed and ready for another day of her life.  She just gave a fleeting glance to the other side of her bed, the bare side with pillows neatly tucked as they were when she went to sleep last night.  The sight did not raise any feeling, and immediately she was on her feet.  The cats jumped on her feet as she rose, jumping here and there excited to see their mistress up again.

“Hello darlings,” she bent down and scratched their heads.  She walked barefoot on the soft-carpeted floor as she headed to the bathroom, pushing away both her Siamese felines so that they were out of the bathroom so she could have some privacy.

After a nice, refreshing shower, Katelyn brushed her smooth, brown hair before pulling it into a ponytail and heading to the kitchen to get her breakfast.  She opened the refrigerator to a rainbow-colored selection of fruit juices, and a healthy collection of low fat high-protein eatables.  Katelyn pulled out the carton of orange juice and poured herself a glass.  This was complemented with some toast with an appropriate serving size of butter spread on it, a bowl of oatmeal and a banana. 


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