Ardent Affection (Tiger’s Obsession Book 3) by Pet Torres

Adult romance

Ardent affection (tiger’s obsession book 3)


Larsson TIGER's obsession with the young Emily affects his businesses. He desires her only for him.

On his thirty-fourth birthday he always chooses one of his girls to spend a night with him.

Will Emily be chosen tonight?

Something unexpected could occur...

Emily longs to steal a kiss from the majestically beautiful Larsson TIGER, hoping to lure him into a trap, where the ardent affection can be his prison.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Language: English

Keywords: erotic, romance erotic, ya, new adult romance, romance for adults, romance for women

Word Count: 10.447

Sample text:

Chapter 1


"Enough, bitch!"

~Larsson TIGER




 My steps are smooth and highly sexy as I walk in my red sandals to the nightclub. The play of light diversifies the hue of my skin, my hair and also my clothes.

I stop walking in the middle of the hall. There are several people there. I’m sure more than half of these men are rich.

Men who are there for a reason...

Looking for fun and pleasure...

My hand glides through my hair as I look ahead and see Larsson TIGER sitting on a black couch at the end of the nightclub. He is accompanied by two prostitutes.

One of them slips her hand inside Larsson's black overcoat and caresses his abdomen. He smirks at her and the woman, with her light brown hair, involves him with her cunning hug, seeking absolute physical contact. But I swallow deeply at the rage and jealousy biting me.  At this time I want to get close to them and end up with their fun in the public eye.

I walk further and stand in front of them, however, far away from where they are. Where I stop and stand is close enough for Larsson to finally see I got to the club.

He raises his head, looks ahead, and his eyes become bright and gaze in my direction. At that moment he gazes at my body covered by a long, red satin dress with a huge slit in front of my right leg. I stare at him and I forget completely that there are two women around him.

He slowly gets up from the couch and walks forward, but I remain staring at him as he approaches me.


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