Another Face in the Crowd by Indraneel DG

Smiles, laughter and a few sniffles guaranteed

Another face in the crowd

Set in Delhi, these is the rib tickling and sometimes tear inducing story of three diametrically opposite friends, and a damsel … not in distress but the cause of distress for the males of the species! Friends coming from culturally, ideologically and geographically opposite ends of this great country.

Welcome to hilarious world of Fatso aka Jai Shankar Singh – a Punjabi Adonis, Jags alias Jagannath Subramaniam Masti Iyenger Bharti – a Tamil ‘Communist’ Brahmin, Bali alias Priyadarshini Hazarika an Assamese Helen of Troy, and me – a plain simple confused Bong. Just out of college and in their first jobs, life is perfect for them… until they are hit by the hurricane of fate. One loses his job, another decides to quit his and the rest chip in to help start a business venture together highlighting the difference between salary taking and salary giving.

The trials and tribulations of initiating a business enterprise in urban India finally culminate into an absolutely entertaining finale. From the summit of hope to the depths of despair, from utter confusion to absolute clarity, from maddeningly mad to rip roaringly funny… this is a story of friendship, aspiration and optimism garnished with a liberal dose of humour, chaos and disagreement!  Depressed…sad…feeling down…go read this book…you will end up smiling. A work of fiction based on facts… a story that will linger on in your hearts, a story that celebrates the magic that is India… This is a story of you and me. Smiles, laughter and a few sniffles guaranteed.

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Genre: FICTION / General

Secondary Genre: HUMOR / General

Language: English


Word Count: 66,835

Sales info:'Another face in the Crowd' chosen amonst the top 1o books of the week.

Gradually rising up the charts. Being penned by a new author the book is receiving rave reviews and likes. 

Hope to have it translated in a comic form form and have a movie made out of it. 

Sample text:

“So you have fallen in love? Fatso asked

“Is that a criminal offence?” I said, now starting to get a little angry

“Why you getting so touchy?”

“Sorry guys, I don't know, maybe it's because I love her and so does every other male she meets, or maybe the two people I really care about prefer drinking and trying to outdo each other in sarcasm, rather than help me with my problem.”

“Seriously senti!!” said Fatso

“Okay, what do you want us to do?” asked Jags.

“I don't know, you guys are the professionals tell me what do I do?”

“Tell her before someone else does, most sports are played with one ball but going up to a girl and telling her that you love her requires two, specially for someone as daft as you”, smiled Jags

“You sure you got two” he added as an afterthought

 “No, no, that is stupid, what advice can you expect from a drunk vegetarian anyway? Hang on, first check if she has any feelings for you. Don't tell, not yet, make her crave…” pitched in Fatso.

“Crave for me?” I asked totally bewildered.

“No, for me”, replied Fatso “you idiot, of course you, try to be funny, make her laugh, yet seem mature and dependable, act tough, yet be gentle. Spend on her, but don't come across as a spendthrift or a miser. Whenever you see a kid, smile, women love kids so you got to love them too, and be a good listener, woman like their men to listen… to the bull they speak.”. Fatso concluded


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Translation in progress. Translated by Cristina López

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