An Irresistible Surprise by Augusta Hill

Will a confirmed bachelorette find tricks or treats during her Halloween date?

An irresistible surprise

Courtney has no trouble attracting men. She has problems making them go away. They always fall in love and want her to promise her heart. However, commitment is the last thing on her mind – especially with her favorite holiday, Halloween, coming up. 

But when it comes time to trick or treat, she accidentally finds herself on a date with the handsome, sweet Clint. His charm soon makes Courtney’s rebellious heart re-think its aversion to Happily Ever After! Will this bachelorette find love irresistible at last? 

This is a 6,000 word romantic short story, perfect for a quick read at the gym!

Genre: FICTION / Romance / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Contemporary Women

Language: English


Word Count: 6000

Sales info:

This is the second book in a 4-part series. All books are standalone, but can be read in the series. Readers have enjoyed the quick pace and humor of the stories. 

Sample text:

The wedding was a spectacular day of showmanship, unseen since the Roman Empire. The hall was filled with buffets of decadent entrees of roast duck and pumpkin gnocchi. Chocolate fountains overflowed with their creamy delights, and French wines had been brought in by the truck-full. The food was over-the-top, the upbeat music was loud, and the exuberant celebration was sending waves of laughter into the night sky.

            It was a pity, then, that the wedding had so much ‘commitment’ talk, which made Courtney’s skin crawl. She stood in a tight, red bridesmaid dress, chugging champagne and watching the festivities whirl around her. Normally, she was the life of a party, never being one to turn down a good all-night bender. However, weddings and ‘Happily Ever Afters’ had never really been on her mind. Her mother had always said that Courtney’s free spirit would eventually find a love it couldn’t deny, and she would fall hopelessly in love. Courtney wasn’t holding her breath for the white doves to fly over and the fireworks to go off, however.

            “Sure Mom, I’ll be the fairy tale princess. Right after those pigs sprout wings and take to the damn skies,” Courtney had groaned on more than one occasion.

            It wasn’t that she didn’t go out and date – she spent most Friday nights being wooed by her current flavor of the week. It was just that she had never found someone she really wanted to open up to. Sharing secrets, pillow talk, and going to the grocery store together always seemed too close. Too intimate. It was not how she rolled.

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Already translated. Translated by Patrícia Pinto
Already translated. Translated by Sabrina Ferrino

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