An Egyptial Affair by Cheryl Bolen

Captain Jack Dryden and his wife, Lady Daphne, are off to Egypt to investigate the disappearance of the Prince Regent's friend and antiquities dealer, revealing a cold-blooded killer intent on stopping their inquiries, even if it means killing them.

An egyptial affair

A fresh romance with each new mystery . . .


While Captain Jack Dryden would lay down his life for the Regent, he draws the line at endangering his wife in the dark alleyways of Cairo—the place where the Regent's friend and procurer of antiquities has gone missing.


But Lady Daphne Dryden will not be denied the opportunity to see swaying palms, crumbling pillars, and soaring pyramids in exotic Egypt. She even insists on bringing her youngest sister, Rosemary, who's enamored of all things Egyptian. The Regent insists on sending Stanton Maxwell, ngland's most imminent expert on Egyptology, as their interpreter and his own soldiers as their protectors.


Once in Cairo, Jack and Daphne begin their inquiries, inquiries which almost certainly cause the murder of one woman and the abduction of Lady Rosemary. Will Jack's wits—and the unexpected bravery of Mr. Maxwell—be enough to extricate them from danger and unmask the evil-doers?


Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Regency

Language: English

Keywords: mystery, Egypt, Elizabeth Peters, Jane Austen, egyptology, suspense, Georgette Heyer, Julia Quinn, lighthearted, eighteenth century

Word Count: 66,000

Sales info:

New York times bestseller, USA Today bestseller, Amazon All Star

Sample text:



Lady Daphne, whose preference to be known as Mrs. Dryden was largely ignored, sincerely hoped the Prince Regent had  summoned her and Jack here today to seek their assistance in one of those investigations the Drydens had proven to be so capable of solving. Poor Jack had been rather restless of late. It was such a pity that in order to stay in the Capital with his wife he had to forgo the adventures he had enjoyed as Wellington's most successful spy.

How disappointed she and Jack would be if their sovereign had asked them to Carlton House merely to see one of his new (and massively expensive) pieces of art. As fond as she was of their rotund ruler, she concurred with the general populace which deplored the manner in which he squandered the excessively generous funds granted him each year in the Civil List.

As she and Jack progressed up the Regent's staircase that mirrored an identical one opposite, she eyed every painting and statue they passed. In this, the wealthiest city in the world, there was no greater display of impeccable taste--and bottomless pockets--than the Regent's ever-evolving and expanding Carlton House in the most fashionable part of London.

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