Amie Savage Safari by Lucinda E Clarke

Amie has to organise the auction for mineral rights deep into the African savannah

Amie savage safari

Rare minerals have been found in the north of Togodo and representatives from six of the world’s most powerful nations are desperate to win the contract to mine and export them. The new president Ben Mtumba invites them on safari to bid for the rights. 

MI5, aware of Amie’s old friendship with Ben, fly her back to spy on him and ensure Britain’s success in the mining venture. Should the new president prove uncooperative, they will support any one of several ministers who are more than willing to replace him as president.

Between pressure from her own government and her loyalty to Ben, Amie is put in an impossible position, aware that both her life, the life of her unborn child, and Ben’s are all at risk.

To add to her problems, her fiancé Simon has been sent back to England and she has lost all contact with him. He is unaware of the drama unfolding in Togodo and has information, which, if it came to light would have drastic effects on the safari and the auction.

Genre: FICTION / Action & Adventure

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Suspense

Language: English

Keywords: Africa, exploitation, corruption, mining, engaged, isolated, auction, MI5, rare minerals, witch doctor, embassy

Word Count: 100082

Sample text:

“Eouww, hold her still!” the heavy-set, black woman shrieked at the two older girls who were battling to pin down the struggling child. The victim was no more than seven years old, and her limbs were flailing and kicking against the women who were about to mutilate her body without benefit of anaesthetic or antiseptic. The parts of the knife that were not rusty glinted in the sunlight as the butchery began. Shrill screams punctuated the air as the blunt steel tore into her private parts. The procedure ensured that she would never enjoy sex and therefore would be faithful to the man who was going to buy her the next day. She was just another female whose young body was up for sale to the highest bidder after enduring the excruciating pain of having her clitoris sliced away.

Amie jumped as a hand touched her shoulder, snapping her out of the nightmare she fell into whenever she closed her eyes, or let her mind wander. It was weeks since she’d attempted to rescue a party of little girls from such a fate, but the grotesque images still flashed before her eyes. She had seen some terrible things at the hands of both women and men and didn’t know if the horrors and cruelty she’d witnessed would ever leave her.

One of her co-workers in the office was leaning over her desk.

“You have a visitor. He’s waiting in the boardroom and he’s very impatient. Said to get you immediately.”

Amie had no idea who would be visiting her at work. Her cell phone buzzed and she glanced at the text briefly. It was from Simon. Just landed in London. Wish you were here. Missing you. xxx.

As Amie approached the boardroom, the door flung open as the security officer, with a sweeping device in his hand, came out. “All clear, I don’t know who he is but he’s in a foul mood.” He loped along the corridor and disappeared into the main office.

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