American Dykes in Bangkok by Sybille

Sarah supports Erin's quest for Buddhist spirituality -- and Bangkok rewards her quest for intense lesbian lust.

American dykes in bangkok

Sarah supports Erin's quest for Buddhist spirituality -- and Bangkok rewards her quest for intense lesbian lust.

Bangkok's reputation draws many men seeking sex for sale. Still, young Thai couples walk the city streets . . . Wait! that short-haired skinny guy hides small breasts under 'his' t-shirt. Yet the girlfriend looks supercute. She could have her pick of wealthy 'falang' men, yet she walks with a dyke as the girlfriend.

Bangkok . . . the most exotic Sin City in the world. Buddhist temples. The most massage parlors, girlie bars, and brothels per capita of any city in the world. The world's busiest airport hub. The most popular 'sex tourism' destination.

Yet few people realize the infamous Pat Pong sex show district also hosts huge, fancy shows by gay male transvestites.

Ordinary people still honor the ancient customs. They keep their culture alive. They carry out their duties to their families, and hope for a better life not just after they reach old age, but in their next lifetime.

If touched by a woman, Buddhist monks must undergo strenuous purification rituals.

Erin wants to learn more about Buddhism, where it's authentic, not softened to accommodate to Americans. Her lover Sarah takes her to Bangkok, but Sarah's interests include the usual tourist activities -- and lesbian interracial sex.

She decides her spiritual journey can wait until her next life.

And, clearly, in Bangkok, women loving women lesbian couples don't hide in the closet. Such Bangkok lesbian couples casually stroll down the busy streets, the dyke's arm around a beautiful young Thai lady.

As things turn out, the Thai couple's curiosity about American women makes them accept Sarah and Erin's invitation, and so Sarah discovers the pleasures of Asian lesbian sex with Phet, meaning 'duck,' a common girl's name in Thailand.

But Phet's lesbian taboo sex and sensuality unleashes ecstatic lust in Sarah. By dawn the first night, Sarah discovers her spiritual path in this life.

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / General

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Lesbian

Language: English

Keywords: lesbian couples, interracial lust, american woman thai woman, sex tourists, sold by dyke boyfriend, romance, massage, taboo, Asian, Bangkok Thailand, thai girls, dyke, butch, femme, vacation, tourism, asian, hook up, hookup, nana plaza, bar scene, oral cunnilingus, eating pussy, submissive, passivity, pickup, pick up, licking, threeway , masseuse, massage parlor, bath, erotic, erotica, vagina, vaginal, clitoris, clit, wet, lick, orgasm, girlfriend

Word Count: 5,200

Sample text:

They passed a young couple. The young girl was cute and fashionable as she could be -- probably in high school. Her boy friend looked a little older. His hair was cut short, in an odd slant. He wore simple jeans and clean, pressed white t-shirt with a pack of cigarettes in his rolled up shirt sleeve.

Sarah thought guys like that had vanished even before the movie GREASE was made a thousand years ago. Though, she had to admit, the young man looked totally clean, not like a typical greaser. The t-shirt was either brand name or carefully ironed.

A few steps later, Sarah suddenly realized the boy had small breast lumps in his t-shirt.

She stopped walking, she felt so shocked. Did she really see that?

Erin grabbed her arm. "Come on, look over there. It's some kind of religious ceremony, and there's a monk."

Chapter Six

The ceremony was taking place in a small concrete park just off the street. There was a statue of some god with an elephant's head -- wasn't that Hindu? Sarah thought.

The area in front of the statue was filled with white flowers, clumps of rice on green banana leaves, and plates of yellow mangoes. Small sticks of incense burned in ornately carved stands, sending small trickles of smoke into the air.

About ten little girls wearing exotic, glittery old-style costumes straight out of a ANNA AND THE KING OF SIAM were dancing to slow, clinking stately music. Their hair was pulled straight back from their face and tied. They also wore thick makeup, giving them an odd, ethereal look.

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