All Day Vanilla by Ginger Bangs

Tales From An Open Marriage

After fourteen years of marriage Vanilla Jones is ready to break out of her box - and fortunately, her husband Jim had the very same idea.

All day vanilla

fter fourteen years of marriage Vanilla Jones is ready to break out of her box. Fortunately, her husband Jim had the very same idea.

If you have ever wondered just what married life might be like if you decided to throw away the rule book and leave your bedroom door wide open then this is the book.

Includes FOUR tasty tales of a marriage swinging wide open!

FIFTY SHADES OF VANILLA - Vanilla's husband Jim brings home a friend from work for Vanilla to play with.

DOUBLE CHOCOLATE ON VANILLA - Jim brings home TWO friends and Vanilla tries to handle two scoops of sweet chocolate loving.

VANILLA SPLIT - Because TWO women are always better than one! Especially when Jim joins in.

VANILLA CHERRY POP - What Jim doesn't know is not going to hurt him - much.

Believe me, there is NOTHING vanilla about Vanilla Jones!

Genre: FICTION / Erotica / Collections & Anthologies

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

Language: English

Keywords: lesbian, short story, interracial, humor, love

Word Count: 40255

Sales info:

This is a book bundle consisting of the first four stories in the Vanilla Tales series. 

Sample text:

“Oh my God,” I moaned. “I can’t believe that I am finally doing this.”

Up until today I had always thought that my husband Jim had possessed one of the biggest cocks that I had ever seen.

That was until the day that I saw the stranger’s huge hard cock.

Let me put it this way. If I were locked out of my house and I needed some sort of a crow bar to pry open the front door I would have happily reached for this stranger’s hard thick cock. I am talking about a fucking human hip-powered battering ram. Just one look at it caused my pussy drip and ache to be filled by that sweet rock hard cock. The shaft was hard and the veins of his cock were pulsing like knotted thick cobras and the mushroom head of his cock was colored in a deep tantalizing purple and I knew that that man had to be harboring a hot gallon bucket full of pent-up cum simmering deep within his ripe musky balls.

“I just don’t know what to do first,” I said. “I want to suck that great big cock of yours and I want to feel you fuck me with it and I want to give you a big fucking hand-job at the very same damn time.”

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Already translated. Translated by Marie-Pier Deshaies
Already translated. Translated by Pedro Pablo Perez Aguero
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Hardworking and conscientious. Always a pleasure to work with.
Already translated. Translated by Leticia Maciel
Translation in progress. Translated by Johana Ortega

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