Alkaline Recipes: Healthy Recipes to Drink & Natural Weight Loss(Alkaline Smoothie Recipes) by Johanna Colon

Healthy Recipes to Drink & Natural Weight Loss(Alkaline Smoothie Recipes)

Alkaline recipes: healthy recipes to drink & natural weight loss(alkaline smoothie recipes)


The chapter on burning acid will enlighten you on how to burn your body's acid waste. With these details you will be able to decide which direction you need to take with your diet. Many of us just eat fruits and vegetables, which taste good without thinking about the alkaline fruit or vegetable benefits. Produce cures and is necessary to burn and eliminate acid. We have a variety of fruits available at the local markets, but some fruits are better than others for an alkaline body. 

Finally real chemistry is no longer taking a back seat to the human body, and with the application of science we have real hope to putting an end to disease and poor health. 
There's been much debate about the benefits and drawbacks of altering body pH. Instead of joining the cacophony of people claiming that body chemistry does not matter when it comes to health, I like to go directly to the source: actual provable good scientific research.

If you are ready to take action and change your life for the better, this book will definitely guide you in the right direction!


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Sample text:

Green, white tea and smoothie are the products that during digestion produce an alkaline reaction.

The same way do all types of milk, except the cow’s, greens and salads, fruits (except grapes), vegetables and roots (except potato, beans, corn), low-fat fish, brown yeast free bread and all kinds of grits.

Moreover, alkaline products are all vegetable oils and nuts (except peanuts, pistachio, cashew), and pumpkin seeds.

All sorts of meat give acid reaction during the digestion process. As well as cow’s milk. 

Bakery products, grapes, dried fruits, white bread and white polished rice are also acid products.

Also remember that eggs, animal fats, beans, corn, black tea, coffee, alcohol, sweets, souses (mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, soy sauce) and oily fish – this is the list of acid products. 

And daily ration should not contain more than 20% of these products.


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