Alien Invasion - Inside Area 51 by Patrick M Mariano

Scifi - Series of Interviews from a reporters perspective.

Alien invasion - inside area 51

This book is a set of interviews I made across the United States and the United Kingdom and I’m probably the very first journalist to have accessed Area 51. I didn’t know, when I started this investigation, where it would lead me, but what I’ve seen in the underground levels is really scary. If you ever wondered if we are alone in this universe, the answer is No. Aliens are closer than you could imagine. I have dedicated my entire life to reporting stories and events through newspapers and that’s what I do for a living; I’m not going to stop now. However, in order to protect my life, I decided to have this book written under a pseudonym. Throughout the course of this book I will make specific reference to facts that are clearly recognisable and that you can cross-reference. My only hope is that you will take action NOW and start protecting yourselves and the people around you.

Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Alien Contact

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Science Fiction / Military

Language: English

Keywords: Science Fiction, Aliens, America, England, Interviews

Word Count: 42460

Sales info:

This book sells steadily in both the UK and the USA.  It has been translated into Italian by my husband so that language isn't available.  It has also been narrated for an audiobook in English which is due to launch in the next two weeks or so, which should boost it's exposure and reach.

Sample text:


This book comprises a set of interviews I made across the United States and the United Kingdom. The work was partially commissioned by a major newspaper in the UK, with which I collaborate as an international freelance reporter, and partially arose from my own interest in collecting materials that I could use as future articles. I have been strongly advised to put a disclaimer stating that this is a work of fiction, to protect me and my family from certain retaliation; and I want to state that the opinions expressed in the book are the interviewees’ own personal views and do not reflect those of the author or publisher in any way whatsoever.

I did not know, when I started this investigation, where it would lead me, and the general aim was to produce a set of articles that I could sell as part of my freelance job. Reality proved me wrong, to such an extent I could not even have imagined; my research drove me into unfamiliar territory and the results, published here, are far different from the original scope of the work. I took into serious consideration publishing the work under my own name, but what I have discovered so far has made me consider otherwise, as I now fear my life is in danger.


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Unavailable for translation.
Already translated. Translated by Maria Esther Paredes del Rey
Author review:
A pleasure to work with :) Fantastic job and keep me informed throughout the process.

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