Actress by Keith Dixon

As a young actress in a long-running TV show, Mai Rose’s career path seemed clear. But she wants more.


"This is excellent contemporary fiction ... " Tahlia Newland, founder of Awesome Indies. 

As a young actress in a long-running TV show, Mai Rose’s career path seemed clear. But she wants more. Already she’s dumped the show and landed a role in a serious play, with serious actors and a more-than-serious director. And now another opportunity has arisen – a major fantasy film with a role that seems tailor-made for her. 

The only problem being that she’s in competition with four other scheming actresses to win the role. 

Can she win the part? Does she want to win the part? She has to navigate her way through the demands of the press, the Russian billionaire owner of the newspaper running the competition, boyfriends past and present, her soldier brother and a particularly ambitious (read: nasty) competitor. 

And all of them underestimate her. 

Building towards an enthralling climax, Actress examines one person’s struggle to come to terms with who she is, what’s important to her and – crucially – what she really wants. 

Genre: FICTION / Contemporary Women

Secondary Genre: FICTION / General

Language: English

Keywords: Contemporary

Word Count: 85000

Sales info:

This has been the No.1 download in Women's Fiction on Amazon US.

Sample text:

Helena Cross was seated with two young men at a low table and was aiming her full-mouthed grin at her; she had all the sincerity of a daytime television host, without the liquefying charm. Tonight she wore a pale blue low-cut dress and the top of her breasts swelled forward invitingly as though pushed up by playful hands.

She said, ‘Mai, so nice. I hear you’ve started rehearsals.’ She held the plastic smile long enough to prepare Mai for the challenge. ‘So how’s it going? They say your director can be a little Hitler.’

‘Helena – good to see you.’ She looked at each of the men in turn: pale youths with black hair rich in product. ‘Who are these boys?’

Helena was a couple of years older than Mai and understood the dig. She chose to ignore it.

‘They’re both very nice chaps.’ She looked from one to the other and they each rose in turn to shake Mai’s hand as though Helena had sent a telepathic instruction.

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Unavailable for translation.
Unavailable for translation.
Already translated. Translated by Laura De Francesco
Author review:
Laura worked very quickly and kept in touch throughout the process. She did a great job with what was a tricky manuscript - in terms of some of the language used - and was a pleasure to work with.
Well done!
Already translated. Translated by Norberta Silva
Author review:
Norberta was very professional and has done a great job with the translation and formatting. She even included helpful footnotes about English customs and personalities to help the understanding.
Already translated. Translated by Carolina Orihuela
Author review:
Carolina was great to work with and was very professional. Her grasp of English is excellent and I have no difficulty in recommending her work to anyone.

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