A Year in the Life of Lea Brand by Lucinda E Clarke

A Psychological Thriller

Who wanted to hurt her and cause a mental breakdown? Why? Who would benefit?

A year in the life of lea brand

Disabled after the car crash killed her husband and two young children, life was not easy for Leah. Her mother hated her, her siblings lived overseas, she had no money and no job. Her prospects looked bleak until she met Mason  .He was rich, successful, and charismatic. Quite literally, swept her off her feet.

Two years later her perfect new world began to unravel. Inanimate objects in the house moved or changed places, her personal possessions disrupted, and she began to lose her grip on reality. Little by little, she questioned her own sanity as day by day the terrifying activities escalated until she was on the verge of madness. 

Genre: FICTION / Psychological

Secondary Genre: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Dysfunctional Families

Language: English

Keywords: suspense thriller, narcissism mystery and suspense, domestic crime , psychological fiction, contemporary British literature, abuse of women, English family

Word Count: 81275

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Best Sellers Rank: 36,217 in Kindle Store (See Top 100 in Kindle Store)

667 in Women's Psychological Fiction
761 in Women's Crime Fiction
956 in Psychological Fiction (Kindle Store)

Sample text:


The nightmare began on the day the dog died.

It was New Year’s Eve and, while Mason and I were out celebrating, my nemesis passed on to the big kennel in the sky. By the time we struggled out of the taxi, neither of us was in a fit state to notice the dog, dead or alive. Mason had to grab my arm as I caught my foot in the door jamb on the way out of the Uber. It was just as well the price of the fare would be billed automatically on the credit card; Mason was not sober enough to find the right notes to pay the driver.

We weaved our way up the path, arms linked, concen-trating hard trying not to fall. It felt a long, long way to the front door. Mason propped me against the wall and then looked at me. 

“Keys,” he barked.

“I don’t have them.” Despite the pain above my left knee I couldn’t stop myself from giggling. “Look in your pockets.”

“I gave them to you.” The fluorescent light from the lamp post on the street near the gate illuminated the scowl on Mason’s face.

“No, you didn’t,” I replied, but to placate him I fumbled with the clasp on my dinky evening bag as if to check. 

The problem was I needed both hands to undo the clasp and I swayed from side to side desperately trying to keep my balance. I didn’t remember drinking all that much, but I couldn’t even stand straight and I knew before I peered into my purse it only contained a small wad of paper hankies and a lipstick.

“I don’t have them,” I repeated.

Mason glared at me and began digging into the pockets of his dinner suit. He cursed loudly.



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