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A summary of catherine kaputa's breakthrough branding

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Secondary Genre: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / General

Language: English


Word Count: 9242

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Executive Summary


Catherine Kaputa’s Breakthrough Branding is a step-by-step guide to building a business, or more specifically, building a business brand. The book covers all aspects of achieving this, and uses multiple examples of both well-known and lesser well-known brands along the way to illustrate her advice.

The book starts at the beginning of the entrepreneur journey with the seed of a business idea. Kaputa is both prescriptive and descriptive as the book seeks to give examples of how other business ideas were formed, while also giving advice on how entrepreneurs can find and flesh out their own.

From here, we are taken through a number of steps, in broadly chronological order, that the entrepreneur needs to take to achieve the outcome of a breakthrough brand. Each chapter begins with a sound bite from legendary “mad man,” Bill Bernbach and concludes with some summarizing points on the chapter from Kaputa herself.


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