A Month with Werewolves (A With Werewolves Novel, Book 1) by K. Matthew

Werewolf novel

A month with werewolves (a with werewolves novel, book 1)

A budding journalist trying to advance her career. A secluded werewolf reservation shrouded in mystery. A secret culture unexplored.

Taya Raveen has been assigned a journalism project that's guaranteed to sky-rocket her career, a chance to see inside the infamous Blackfoot Werewolf Reservation. More a prison than a sanctuary, the reservation spans one thousand acres and is home to over fifty captive werewolves. No civilian has ever been allowed inside of the reservation, but Taya will get to glimpse it from an outsider's perspective, reporting her findings to the entire world.

With little funding, the werewolves have been all but forgotten by the outside world, living in a secret society inside of the reservation. Taya's main objective is to ensure the general public that the werewolves are being treated humanely and bring to light the need for a cure for the lycanthropy disease.

All seems good and well at first, but the longer Taya stays inside of the reservation, the more she begins to see the dark side of werewolf society. Not to mention that her arrival spawns dangerous plans for the werewolves to take finding the cure into their own hands.

This novel was originally serialized and is comprised of serials 1 - 6:
A Month with Werewolves
A Week with Werewolves
A Day with Werewolves
A Night with Werewolves
A Life with Werewolves
A Love with Werewolves

Genre: FICTION / Fantasy / Paranormal

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Paranormal

Language: English


Word Count: 62043

Sales info:

Top 10 Bestselling Paranormal Fantasy in April 2013
Top 50 Bestselling Paranormal Romance in April 2013
Top 50 Bestselling Fantasy & Futuristic Romance in April 2013

Sample text:

No civilian had ever been inside the Blackfoot Werewolf Reservation before. They called it a reservation, but it was more like a relaxed concentration camp where werewolves were separated from the rest of society to live out their lives peacefully until a cure was found for their condition.

I had little interest in the subject until I was offered a chance to investigate the reservation for a journalism piece. Since no civilian had ever been allowed inside of the reservation, my report would gain worldwide recognition. It would be my big break, skyrocketing a career that I had been working hard at for the past five years.

As I pulled up to the reservation, I took a deep breath. The outside of it looked like a prison, with a thirteen foot high parameter fence surrounding the one thousand acres of land. There was a small compound that I had to go through before I could get to the reservation itself. I would stay there for my first night, learning how the place was run before they took me inside to live out the rest of the month with the werewolves.

“Identification, please,” a security guard requested as I drove up to the gate leading into the compound.

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