A Knot Tied by L.A. Zoe

Summer's enemies don't rest.

A knot tied

Summer's enemies don't rest.

Clayton's second ex-wife steals the loyalty of Clayton's closest employee. Franci, a furry Clayton met online, flies in from Nashville. Clayton's friends look down on Summer. And now Clayton hints he wants to make her wife number 4. But how can she trust him? Especially with the hot, just out of college Filipino webmaster he hired to start up his online business?

At the end of Lion Heart, Summer succeeds in getting both families together to celebrate Father's Day, so Clayton can spend it with his children and grandchildren.

That just begins her struggle with the world -- and both their families --  to win acceptance for loving a man twice her age.

And just begins Clayton's struggle to get Summer to accept both his love and his kinky furry sexual desires.

Summer learns to enjoy playing Clayton's 'lioness' sometimes, and Clayton realizes his greatest sexual satisfaction comes from making love to the woman he adores -- even without fur suits.

Summer must also struggle with the fear -- based on his behavior during his three marriages -- he cheats on her.

She gives him an ultimatum. One foul, out for life.

He swears he won't, but can Summer believe him?

Clayton's family, excluding Clayton's jealous second ex-wife, adores Summer -- but they all want her to marry Clayton's son, Calwood.

Summer's best friend and roommate, calls Clayton a dangerous pervert.

Summer still struggles to accept a man loving her. Especially a rich, successful man such as Clayton.

Clayton keeps asking Summer to marry him, but she fears taking her place as Wife Number 4 will lead to a slot as Ex-Wife Number 4.

Clayton's vindictive second ex-wife plays a "home video" that could destroy both Clayton and Summer personally and professionally . . . if she carries out her threat to upload it to YouTube.

And what's in the package Clayton hides from Summer? Ana, the hot Filipino who works with him everyday in his new home business, knows.

With so much against them, the world outside and their own inner demons, can Summer and Clayton's love triumph?

4 Flames

65,000 words

A Knot Tied continues Summer's romance from the first in the series, Lion Heart. Summer's romance continues in the third book, Cut Cords, and concludes in the fourth book, Dawn Blossom.

Therefore, for a contemporary furry romance, download A Knot Tied now.

Genre: FICTION / Romance / Contemporary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / Romance / Erotica

Language: English

Keywords: older man younger woman, new adult, furry, contemporary, alpha male, wealthy, millionaire, rich, billionaire, family life, single, relationships, dating, women's new adult & college fiction, contemporary fiction, friendship urban, 21st century, romance fiction, love triangle, Christmas, furry sex, love, contemporary fiction, costume play, wedding, fourth of july, cosplay, marriage, taboo, opposition, fucking

Word Count: 65,000

Sample text:

"It's two weeks long," Summer said.

"Look, I haven't made the reservation yet. We could go together."

"I can't leave my job that long," Summer said.

"That's what I figured," Clayton said. "That's why I didn't ask you to begin with. I got the itch to travel, see something different, looked around, and found that site. There's dozens of great things to do. I should have retired years ago."

The world crumbled around Summer. No safety. No comfort zone. Only danger. Danger outside, danger inside.

A brick of hard ice sank her stomach to her intestines.

"I'll . . ." Summer tried to say 'miss you,' but couldn't get the words out. They caught in her throat, like swallowing a spider wrapped in its web.

Clayton grabbed her shoulders and looked into her eyes.

Summer turned her face to the side.

Clayton grabbed the sides of her head and made her face him.

She closed her eyes.

"Look, Summer," he finally said. "It's only two weeks. I'm not leaving you. Lots of guys go away on trips without their wives or girlfriends. On business, or with friends. I'm not going to see another woman."

"What if you meet one on the trip?"

"I'll shake their hand and say hi, and that's it. Don't you know how much I love you? I want you to marry me. You're the one saying no." He hugged her to his chest. "Anyway, it won't be until at least September. I love you, Summer. I'm not leaving you, but I can't be tied down either."

"Even if we were married?"

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