A Journal of Cosmic Memories by Ben Benyamin

The Dimension of Trees

A journal from a prior lifetime reveals mystical secrets, raising as many questions as answers.

A journal of cosmic memories

"May you know the difference between what happened and what you dreamed."

"The first thing to know about the dimension of trees is that each of us has a tree."

Join an intrepid journal writer and mysterious holder of cosmic knowledge, whose journal entries trigger metaphysical states of consciousness in visions, dreams and memories. Wisdom gained over lifetimes guides a captivating journey through past lives and reincarnation.

In the dimension of trees, a beautiful place of soul-discovery and quantum absurdity, secret cosmic teachings bring rewards of ancient spiritual knowledge, recalling the journal's original purpose and author.

Will you sail the currents of existential awareness on a trip to experience the Journal of Cosmic Memories? Destination: Beyond the doors of perception.

Genre: FICTION / Literary

Secondary Genre: FICTION / General

Language: English

Keywords: reincarnation, afterlife, dimension of trees, nature, mysticism, mystical, spiritual, literaryfiction, pastlives, forgiveness, time, seajourney, writing, soul, spiritualism, dreams, metaphysical, spirituality, alchemy, consciousness, literature, literary, fantasy, magic, karma, fiction

Word Count: 65000

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A Journal of Cosmic Memories: The Dimension of Trees

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-Literary Fiction/Mysticism

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"A fun and intellectually stimulating read. I have always loved spiritual fiction. I would compare this story to books like Siddhartha, The Alchemist or Be Here Now. If you're someone who enjoys learning about life's bigger questions, I believe this would be a good fit for you."  Nicholas Hutchison, Founder, bookthinkers.com

Goodreads Reviews:

5 stars
Must read if you're into spirituality and mystic stuff. Exceptionally well written. Thought provoking and a profound imagery that just magically transports you through and beyond the doors of perception, as promised by the author himself. This book inspired me to start writing again and delve even deeper into topics like astronomy, metaphysics, spirituality, poetry, the art of writing and so much more! The goad that'll prod you into the direction you wanna head into on your journey. So thankful for this beautiful mind and his eloquent work of art that this book is! Good vibes! (less)
5 stars

Ben Benyamin is a fine writer and this book inspired by beautiful art and clearly a part of Benyamin's mind that stretches to dreams is an excellent read. In many ways a complex and deep work it also holds one's attention simply for the story that is well weaved by the author. It certainly could be read again to comprehend all of the messages and connections and nuances of the story but can be simply enjoyed for the imagery and tale telling. Characters morph from reality to dream and the book explores the very nature of the universe and how everything is indeed connected even in the littlest action that is taken. A wagon hitting a knotted tree brings a metaphor of how the spirituality of nature weaves about the nature of the human soul. I have no hesitation in recommending this book for a fascinating read. I think in the hardback or paperback version which would go along with the amazing art included would be a bonus but I did enjoy these images in the kindle version as well. I really look forward to further work from this talented author


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Sample text:

Morning Song

THE BIRDS SANG their morning song as musicians in concert. Chirps and tweets filled the crisp dawn air. A discernible melody arose from the forest: sweet and repetitive. The grove of trees by the small rushing river became a grand piano, each bird playing the notes, hammered out against the canopy. In a wooden piano case, the strings, struck by the keys, bounce vibrations against the top of the instrument to amplify the waves of energy we call sound. In the forest, the sonic waves flowed to the ceiling of the tree grove, bouncing off the thick layer of leaves and branches, reverberating towards the ground.

As songbirds serenaded their mates or sang out in search of friends, sometimes, to modulate the frequencies of their calls, they lowered their volume to a whisper. They played low for a while, conserving their strength, and preparing to enjoy. These hundreds of birds, all gathered for this purpose, then broke into a sudden orchestra of melody, again slamming the sound waves against the treetops, forming a natural amplifier and echo chamber.

While the birds sang con gusto, the sun rose above the horizon, big, pink, and red, at first, and turning more bright yellow as it climbed. For a moment, the sun lingered low in the sky, perpendicular to the grove, casting rays of light crosswise against the trees while ascending. This early light illuminated the forest.

Brightening the trees, the light waves, too, bounced among the grove, combining with the sound waves. As the avian orchestra reached the crescendo, sunlight sparkled against the trunks, lighting them up after restful darkness. For a fleeting moment, the sound and light waves joined as one. The sounds appeared to merge with light components, influenced by the vibration of the sound waves, suspended in the air like iridescent confetti.

The tweeting beaks of the birds emitted the sound waves.

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