A Deal with God: The Power of One by Michael Haden

We Always Ask of God... What If God Asked For Something in Return?

A deal with god: the power of one

Is she an angel, a ghost or something much, much more? 

Deana Murphy endured a life and death of brutality and hardship. She met every challenge God gave her and it made her stronger and stronger. God had a plan for her and she would need every ounce of this strength. Deana always dreamed of a bigger life. However, she never realized smaller can be just perfect. She wants romance and love, but she never realized sometimes it can take a little Divine intervention. In return, though, Deana senses the payback price will be steep. it is something big but God does not fully disclose the task. Desperate for a second chance, Deana agrees to do "anything " God desires. 

Deana Murphy had been unlucky at love. Yet the man who was perfect for her lived in one of the smallest towns in the United States. When God gave her a second chance at life, he was actually playing matchmaker. He sends her to rural Georgia, deep in the country to meet Leon Samuel's. Sparks fly and love prospers as these two paths intertwine. This book features the greatest pick up line any woman can use on a man .“A Deal with God” is the romance novel readers have been waiting for.

Genre: FICTION / Christian / Short Stories

Secondary Genre: FICTION / General

Language: English

Keywords: french

Word Count: 119,000

Sales info:

We have had strong sales in the United States, England, Canada and other English speaking countries. It's been number one on the Christian charts in the U.S, and has been close to the top on the U.K. charts. The audiobook sold extremely well and was one of the top 100 bestselling audiobooks. 

Sample text:

Deana got in her Dodge Stratus. A drunk driver going southbound jumped the median and went into Deana’s car head on. Deana was knocked unconscious and into a coma that would last over eleven weeks. 

Late in the evening of August 21st Deana was in the intensive care unit at a Tampa hospital. Over the weeks since she’d been brought in, she’d seemed to be improving. It was shocking to the Intensive Care Unit nurse when the machine monitoring Deana’s vital signs suddenly flat lined.  

Deana felt her body floating through a huge tunnel with a dazzling yellow light in the distance. 
Deana was heartbroken, shaken and panic stricken. She screamed at the top of her lungs: “Lord please don’t take me yet. 

I have worked so hard to turn my life around. Please give me one more chance. I will do anything, I mean anything if you will send me back.” 
 “Deana Murphy,” God said, “I will send you back but there will be strict parameters.” 
 “You will move permanently to Dothan, Georgia." 
 “You are to become the new matriarch of the Samuels’ family. The father Leon is a good man.” 
 “You are to meet the Samuels this November 4th, at Dothan Christian Church.” 
 “On April 20, 2020, the middle son Mark will be harmed at his school. You must prevent this. Tell no one of this deal. Do your best, you have my blessing.” 
 When Deana had flat lined the ICU nurse summoned the emergency room doctor and performed CPR. Within 20 seconds the doctor rushed to Deana’s bed. Deana’s vital signs returned to normal.  
     In a loud, firm voice Deana said the word: “DEAL!” 


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Already translated. Translated by SeyedJamal Mousavishirazi
Translation in progress. Translated by Nadia Albanello
Already translated. Translated by Claudia Evans
Already translated. Translated by Mario Bolanos
Author review:
Translation was excellent very happy with the end result.

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