A Coloring Book for Adults: Remember the Joy of Coloring and Reduce Stress (Volume 1) by Amber Richards

A coloring book for adults, great at reducing stress, huge trend in the U.S. right now.

A coloring book for adults: remember the joy of coloring and reduce stress (volume 1)

Did you love coloring as a child? Rediscover the joy of coloring as an adult. Not only is it fun, it's also relaxing. More and more adults are turning back to coloring as a non-tech way to recharge, de-stress and experience a creative outlet. 

In this book you'll get 50 stunning designs from mandalas, patterns, abstracts and other cool pictures to color. You'll find there is a range of styles, some simple and quicker to finish, to very intricate projects that will take many hours to complete. 

Coloring can be a great way to help unwind before falling asleep, so if you battle insomnia, try coloring before bedtime. 

The paperback version of this contains one design per page. It comes in an bound 8x10 sized book, great for keeping all your work in one place. 

The e-book version contains the 50 designs digitally to explore in your reader, and a link to download these to your printer. You print the designs with your printer, then color the individual pages. 

Remember the joy of coloring for yourself, pick up your copy of 'A Coloring Book for Adults Volume 1'. Collect new volumes as they are released. 

Genre: CRAFTS & HOBBIES / General

Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / Creativity

Language: English


Word Count: 53

Sales info:

This is brand new and is the ebook version only. The actual translation will be very short, only 53 words.

Coloring for adults (all images are G rated / innocent relaxing patterns) is becoming a huge trend in the U.S. for its relaxing effects.

Sample text:

Thank you for your purchase of this coloring e-book, my hope is that this is a book you'll get many enjoyable hours of coloring from.  At the end of this e-book, you'll find a link and password that will allow you to download this in a PDF file, to print on your printer.  Please do not share this, as it is for customers only.  Thank you for protecting my work. 


When you are ready, you might want to carefully scroll through this e-book, in order to choose which of the 50 designs you might want to work on first.  It may be easier initially go through them visually on an electronic device, versus a pile of 50 sheets of paper.   Some of the designs are simple, while others are very intricate.  This was done intentionally, to give you a variety that best suits your style.  Plus, if you are like me, you might find yourself in different moods, being drawn to different types of coloring projects.


Coloring for adults is quickly becoming a very popular thing to do, right now.  There can be a real joy in taking up a childhood past-time, and letting that 'inner child' within each of us, to express creativity once again.


There are some studies showing it can be a very relaxing activity, especially before bed.  For those who suffer from insomnia, it can be a wonderful way to wind down and help turn off all the thoughts that are racing in our brains, that sometimes keep us awake.   Coloring is also a great way to 'unplug' from technology in general, and helps reduce stress.

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