A Book of Dog Breeds For Children: They're All Dogs by Amber Richards

Fun, educational children's book 4.5 star rating

A book of dog breeds for children: they're all dogs

A Book of Dog Breeds for Children: They're All Dogs is an e-book for young children introducing them to the idea of different dog breeds. I found when teaching very young children about dogs; they seemed to be confused when taught (for example) that a poodle was a dog, then seeing a Chihuahua that it was a dog as well. 

This is an educational, yet fun book for parents to read to young children, or for early readers. This book can easily become a family favorite when reading to your child for the giggles and laughter than can result. 

The book features photographs of 21 different dog breeds, some common, and some unusual. It contains some exercises for parents and children to do together that can foster fun, bonding, parents prepare your best dog noises! 

Genre: JUVENILE NONFICTION / Concepts / General

Secondary Genre: JUVENILE NONFICTION / Animals / Dogs

Language: English

Keywords: dogs, dog breeds, childrens book, toddlers book, they're all dogs, animals, pets

Word Count: 835

Sales info:

This book sells anywhere from 5 - 20 copies per month, ebook only.  I plan to have physical print book soon.  It has a 4.5 star rating from 25 reviews.

I will be also making this into a paperback edition through Babelcube (hopefully more commissions for your work you do once), and will set up a landing page for this book and promote it (as with all my books)

Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #394,310 Paid in Kindle Store (See Top 100 Paid in Kindle Store)

Beautiful pictures of each type of dog breed.

Actually for children 0 - 4 or 5 years old.


Sample text:

There are many different kinds of dogs, called dog breeds.  Even when they look very different from each other, they are all dogs.

This dog breed is called a Great Dane.  They are very big dogs.  Some Great Danes can be bigger than small ponies.  They have a bark that is low, slow and very deep.  They say, “Woof, woof” loudly.  Can you bark like a Great Dane?

This dog breed is an Irish Wolfhound.  They are very big dogs too; in fact, they are the tallest dogs of all dog breeds.

This dog breed is called a Chihuahua.  They are one of the smallest dogs.  No matter how much they eat, or how old they get, they will never grow very big.  They have a tiny, high and fast bark that sounds like, “yip, yip, yip.”  Can you bark like a Chihuahua?

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