(3) low carb recipes: To Lose Weight Fast With Meal Plan on low carb Diet by Caleb Armstrong

To Lose Weight Fast With Meal Plan on low carb Diet

(3) low carb recipes: to lose weight fast with meal plan on low carb diet

A low-carb diet is a type of diet where, as implied in the name, carbohydrate intake is significantly limited. Food intake in a low-carb diet consists of those that have high protein and fat content. Aside from weight loss, a low carb diet has a number of health benefits such as lowering the risk factors of diabetes and hypertension.

Generally, low-carb diet focuses on high intake of proteins such as meat, eggs, poultry, fish, and vegetables that are low in starch. Foods such as breads, pastas, legumes, sweets, starchy vegetables, and grains together with some seeds and nuts must be avoided if you want to stick to a low-carb diet.

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Sample text:


·         8 shiitake mushrooms (dried and chopped)

·         2 tablespoons of oil

·         500 grams of shrimp

·         4 green onions (chopped)

·         1 teaspoon of white pepper powder

·         1 teaspoon of salt

·         1 teaspoon of ground ginger

·         1 daikon radish (Blade A or B)

·         2 tablespoons of soy sauce


Place the mushrooms in a bowl full of water and leave to soften for about an hour. Once they are softened squeeze out excess water and chop.

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