10 Essential Skills for Public Servants: A Handbook by Shahid Hussain Raja

2nd Edition

Ten skills essential for effective and efficient srvice delivery by the public servants

10 essential skills for public servants: a handbook

Being a public servant is an honour and a privilege on the one hand but a great responsibility on the other. Faithful discharge of your duties demands you being very effective in service delivery, efficient in execution and honest in your public dealing. This short handbook is an attempt to list down the skills which can help you to transform yourself into that mould. Fortunately, all these skills which you will need while performing your duties, can be learnt and are not inherited. It only demands whole hearted commitment and dedicated efforts to learn them.

Genre: SOCIAL SCIENCE / Developing & Emerging Countries

Secondary Genre: SELF-HELP / General

Language: English

Keywords: Public Service, government service, governance, public servant, civil service, skills, Leadeship, Management, Ethicis, Morality, Emotional Intelligence, Computer Literacy, Information Technology, Change Management, Public Policy, Resource Management

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Whatever the system of political governance in a country, presidential or parliamentary, the crucial role its public service plays in its effective governance cannot be overemphasised. They are not only the pillar of stability in the body politic of a nation-state but are also the agents of change. From the end of the WW2 Italy has seen more than 60 governments but the state never crumbled-thanks to its civil service. Japan owes its phenomenal growth to several factors but the role of its MITI was crucial in its transformation from a war-ravaged economy to the second biggest global economy in less than half a century.

Although the executive power rests with the elected   representatives in a democratic setup, it is always exercised through the civil services who by virtue of their knowledge, experience and understanding of public affairs help the public representatives to formulate the public policies and then implement these policies for improving the quality of life of its citizens. An honest, neutral, effective and efficient public service is the only guarantee for an efficacious development and governance process.

In any country, its public sector is a multi-functional institution. It not only provides “soft” public goods, such as defence, law and order, property rights, macro-economic management, social services etc., but also make it possible for the private sector to supply “hard” private goods like food, shelter, clothing etc. Sustainable supply of these hard public goods and services necessitates the creation of an investment-friendly environment in the country. Only a capable public service can create that kind of favourable investment-friendly environment in the country which can attract investment, accelerate the rate of growth and hence the quality of life of its citizens.


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