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0 excuses fitness

Do you know what the biggest problem plaguing people is these days? It's not so much fitness related as it is related to life - and that problem is - in a nutshell - "MAKING EXCUSES GALORE". 

Oh, I have no time to train. Oh, the neighborhood gyms are too expensive. Oh, those stretches are too difficult. Oh, and ... ah, why not just do it tomorrow? And so forth.

Excuses, my friend, are the reason why most folks never get started on that road to super fitness, health and STRENGTH - both from the inside and the outside, and ZERO EXCUSES FITNESS gives you NO CHANCE to make ANY EXCUSES!

In other words, its fitness instruction which flat out WORKS, provided you don’t make EXCUSES. 

NOTHING - I repeat NOTHING - is needed in order for you to do these exercises. NO equipment, NO gyms, not even the much vaunted "Swiss balls" or other "fancy shmancy" abdominal gadgets or gizmos (which ain't worth even the time of day you spend looking at the ads, to be honest).

And no, you don't even need a chinning bar for most of the exercises I've shown. Pull-ups are great, but they are NOT required. 

Stop making excuses - and grab your copy NOW - and watch a whole NEW world open up to you in terms of OVERALL health, fitness, and strength. 

To your SUCCESS!
Rahul Mookerjee

Genre: HEALTH & FITNESS / Men's Health

Secondary Genre: HEALTH & FITNESS / Exercise

Language: English

Keywords: fitness, pushups, squats, loseweight, burn fat, six pack, core training, pull-ups, grip training

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I've been doing well selling this book from my website - - and the Amazon sales are growing as well! This is why I'm looking to translate the book into languages OTHER than English ... 

Sample text:

Dear Reader,


Welcome to ZERO Excuses Fitness. Like it’s name states, this is a ZERO EXCUSES, bare bones, stripped down to essentials, “straight from the heart, no punches pulled” and straightforward information on how to get ft – THAT ACTUALLY WORKS.

I should actually say “zero equipment, zero excuses”. But we’ll get right to the core of the matter and stick to “zero excuses”.

No excuses tolerated!

No mamby pamby “politically” correct fitness advice here.

You’ll see how exactly to perform the exercises I’m talking about here.

Most surprisingly though (probably for most people), MOST of the exercises I will talk about here are derivatives of the big 3, i.e. pushups, squats and bridging.

That’s ALL. There are some movements in the “supplementary” section of this that mimic the way animals move around, and pull-ups in another supplementary section, but for the most part, we focus on the big 3.

“What”, I hear you guys saying?? “That’s IT??”

Yes, that’s it.

“But that stuff is easy!”

“Really? Well, let’s see you do about 25 reps of some of the exercises I’ve mentioned without stopping, and then let’s talk.”

“That’s easy!” *sneer*

“Well, I’ll make it even easier! How about TEN continuous reps on some of them?”

And so forth. And NO, the conversation does NOT end up the way you’d think it would with said “doubter” actually “breezing” through the number of reps mentioned without breaking a sweat. In fact he or she is sometimes unable ...

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