Warrick Nice (author)

Warrick nice

I felt the tip of his dick at my hole. He was toying with me.
"Why would I want to fuck such a pathetic slut?" He asked. "You saw the type of woman I can get. Why should I fuck you?
I didn’t know what to say. I just wanted him in me so bad! "Please? Please, Sir, please fuck me."
Oh, I did sound pathetic, but I was throbbing for him to take me. My whole cunt felt hot and tight, as though I would implode.
When he shoved his wide, long dick into me in one smooth, hard push I cried, again, with relief. His hands held me as firmly as he had held Jennifer, impaling me on his cock. He stoked long and hard and when that rhythm settled me into a smooth back and forth rock along the top of his table, he grabbed my hands and used his strength and my arms to pull me against him as he rammed into me. I thought I may pass out with the pleasure. It was exquisite. He pulled me so hard that my body rose off the top of the table. I was nearly suspended, quite literally from his dick. 
He did not tire easily. My body was slammed by his for a long time before he let go of my arms. I was nearly limp, but I responded quickly enough when Scott reached around and grabbed my nipple in a hard pinch. He pulled me in this way until I turned around and was facing him. He sat in his chair and pulled on my tit until I straddled him, my legs going over his and down the sides of the chair. I wrapped my arms around his neck and rode his dick. His body was incredible and his hands bore me down on him. It wasn’t long before I felt a warm tingling that started in my thighs and worked its way up into my crotch where it condensed and tightened into a fabulous and pulsating pressure. I came like crazy! And in middle of this wave of heat, his dick slammed even harder into me and I felt a jet of hot cum let loose inside of me. His face was in my tits, buried there and nipping at my skin. I held onto him tightly until we were both finished.
He allowed a moment of just me holding onto him before he told me to get up because it was time for me to go.
I was heady with what had just happened—the spanking and the fuck. He was so much more intense tonight. I gingerly got to my feet and headed to the door. Once there my entrance was simply reversed. He removed the leash and hung it on the coatrack and I donned my bra, thongs, and dress. I ran my fingers through my hair and was ready to go.
He stood in front of me, tipping my face up to look into his. Finally, just as I was getting ready to go home, I was allowed to look squarely at this handsome face. "Are you satisfied Little One?" He asked.
Oh, yes. Yes. Yes.
I only nodded, for some reason I did not trust my voice to be there. His eyes probed into mine. I felt weak.
He touched my hair, the only gentle gesture I was to receive all evening from him this evening. "Don’t forget to call me, Little One." He said, as he opened the door for me to leave.
I would call. I always did.
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