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I could probably have the both of you expelled right now for doing this." That word ‘expelled’ sent unpleasant tremors throughout my body. Chris didn’t seem affected by it all. "But I’m not. Instead, both of you will be getting zeros on the test, and since the two of you like it so much, a week of detention. And I will be sending phone calls to both of your parents." 

"Don’t even bother with that," Chris said, "my parents don’t care."

Very cruelly, Ms. Navarro replied, "I see why."

Chris didn’t respond. His face just went really blank and emotionless, which meant he was super angry. I wasn’t bothered by Ms. Navarro calling my mother, because my mother was at work most of the time, and I could just erase the message on the answer machine before she came home. 

"Your detention will start tomorrow after, in Mr. Wilson’s classroom. He’s here until seven every evening, so I’m going to tell him to keep you for as long as possible. Your last day of detention will be Saturday morning, all day." She held up our tests. "And if anything like this happens again, I will personally make sure that both of you are out of this school. Now get out of my classroom."

I was pretty much numb as I left the classroom. It just proves my theory that every good day of my life is followed by a really fucked up one. Detention for a week, with Mr. Wilson, I just knew it was going to be the worst fuckin nightmare in the world. As me and Chris made our way to the parking lot to his truck, Chris noticed the concerned look on my face and he told me, "Don’t stress, B. It’s not that bad."
"Chris, what do you mean it’s not that bad: we flunked our test, got detention from Mr. Sexual Harassment Man for a whole week. How is that not bad to you?"

I was really upset as Chris drove me home. I was mad at Billy Anderson, mad at Ms. Navarro, and mad at myself for being so stupid. 

"It’ll be okay, B." Chris said. 

"Nothin is ever just ‘okay’. There’s always gotta be some bullshit behind everything."

As Chris pulled up into my driveway he asked me, "Do you want me to come inside?" I didn’t know if meant my house or my ass. 

"Yeah. I do."

Chris shut off the engine and we both got out of the car. As I unlocked the front door, Chris came up behind me, kissing the back of my neck, rubbing his crotch against my ass. Even when I felt my worst, Chris always knew how to make me feel better. I unlocked the door and we both went in. As soon as we got inside, we were all over each other, kissing and about to rip off each other’s clothes, and that’s when I felt another presence in the room. I pulled away from Chris, and turned to see my mother sitting on the couch, arms crossed, a grim expression on her face. I first I thought it was an illusion, that my mind was just fucking with me. But then she said, looking at me and Chris fiercely. "We need to talk."

To Be Continued...

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