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She moaned and bucked against Baron’s long talented tongue as he licked and probed her pussy.
For many long moments, he drove his tongue into Illstya’s cunt. She stifled a cry when her body tensed and she let her cream flow. It sent Baron into frenzy as he gulped her tasty cream, pulling her sex into his mouth as he drank from her.
Once she let out a sultry gasp and her body relaxed a little, he flipped her effortlessly over onto her stomach, then gripped her hips and lifted her gorgeous ass up so he could plow his blood engorged hard throbbing cock into her hot tight pussy. She let out a primal cry of inexplicable need as he began to savagely hammer his Worgen phallus into her.
He fucked her like she wanted, like she demanded him to. Pounding into her like a fierce and feral animal. With a howl of delight, he gripped her firmly and leaned over her naked body, his lust filled rage causing Illstya to whimper and sob. With a powerful thrust that made her grunt hard, he let out a growl and began pumping his thick hot Worgen sperm deep into the depths of her womb. Thrust after thrust sent more and more of his potent seed into Illstya. She could only gasp and grunt as the breath was knocked out of her with each punishing slam of his cock.
He mated the sexy Night Elf, long into the night and then for many more hours all the way into the early morning of the next day, each joining the two of them had was more enjoyable and satisfying than the last. 
Baron no longer feared the beast inside of him and much to Illstya’s demanding pleasure, he took much satisfaction as he constantly took her in his Worgen form, filling her up with his seed and claiming her fully as his mate. 
A few days later, it didn’t surprise him in the least, but astonished everyone else, when Illstya announced that she was pregnant.
"My love, I will gladly bear your children." Illstya told him after the celebrations had ended from her announcement.
He did not utter a single word, but dragged her to their home deep in the forest and fucked her into the night and long after the sun had risen the next day. "My dear…" Baron began earnestly in panting breaths once he’d changed back into human form. "I want you to bear me many children, do you believe me?" He said with a roguish smirk on his face. 
"I have no doubt of that, Baron my love." She replied seductively and pulled him on top of her naked body, his semen still dripping heavily from her well fucked pussy. "Now, give me more of your furriness."
Illstya continued teaching Baron about the Druid ways, and their love making never ebbed or slowed until her belly was large and ripe with his child. She hardly ever knew a moment that he didn’t keep her naked and well satisfied. She would continue to bear her loving Worgen children, as many as he wanted.
Their long lives together were constantly filled with the sounds of loving children and the glow of Illstya being ever pregnant.
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