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Sue bell

As she stood next to him, she looked me in the eye and simply said, "Well played."

"Well played?" That was it? Then I noticed the trembling of her hands and the nervous way she was licking her lips. 


"What the hell," I thought. Stroking my resurrecting member, I simply said, "I know," and walked to the bathroom. In a moment, the hiss of the shower could be heard.

Bobby dropped her clothes on the floor and yanked her into his arms. He took her mouth in a hard kiss. His hands grabbed her ass cheeks and pressed her into his pelvis. He ground his rock hard cock against her. When he let go of her, she dropped to her knees. Her hand was at his zipper when the shower stopped. 

"Uh, oh," I heard Angie giggle. 

Half-dried, I stepped out of the bathroom. I thought I heard Angela laugh, but my entry showed the room now to be empty except for the trailing feminine hand on the closing door.

I stepped to the door and looked out the peephole. There she was in all of her naked glory pressed against Robert as he was valiantly trying to hold her clothing while opening the door of the room across from mine. Finally, the keycard worked. Angie half turned and winked in my room’s direction before turning away as Bobby pulled her through the doorway. 

"Well, I’ll be damned," I thought. I half wished they had invited me to watch. I smiled. How much if any of what they had told me had been true? It seems I had been a player in a game within a game.

As Angie lay awake in bed, she thought of how Bobby said they were a dynamic duo, unbreakable. Bobby had made her agree that in any scenario they ran with, they would only use their given names--no diminutives. That went for the others they involved in their games as well. Bobby saw it as a protective shield to keep Angie and Bobby separate, safe, and together. Angie was not sure Chris had been watching them when she winked at him from the hallway. She knew she had broken Bobby’s rule in remembering Christopher as Chris. Bobby wouldn’t like it, and it would get him angry, even furious. But she liked Bobby riled up. She grinned to herself. She’d have time to bring him round.

Hours later, she got up from the bed feeling wonderfully achy. She found the hotel’s guest stationery and jotted a note to Chris. She padded barefoot and naked over to his hotel room door and slipped her note into the door just above the keycard reader. Hopefully, he would see it when it fell to the floor. Time would tell. She trotted back to her own room and lay down beside Bobby’s sleeping form. She smiled, stroked herself and thought of Chris.

The next morning on opening my door, I saw the note when it fell. I retrieved it and read her message. Pocketing it, I faced Angie’s door and winked. I had no idea if she saw me or not, but it didn’t matter. I had the note.


How about another game sometime? Soon? Hope you will join us. Took your business card from the desk. Watch your e-mail.



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