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Stephanie jenkins

She answered it and placed it on her shoulder.

"Hello, Miss Johnson?" Sarah heard a young voice.

"Yes, this is her." Sarah responded.

"Miss Johnson, this is Kaylie." Sarah heard.

"Good morning Kaylie. How are you?" Sarah asked.

"Fine, fine. Listen, my mom would like to invite you over to the house for a cookout to thank you for helping me." Kaylie said.

"Oh Kaylie, that is very sweet, but she doesn’t have to do that." Sarah answered.

"She knows that, but she wants to and I sorta want to also." Kaylie said.

"Well, I would be happy to come. When?" Sarah responded.

"Can you make this afternoon?" Kaylie said.

"I guess so. What time?" Sarah said.

"We thought around 3:00 and then we can eat around 5 or 6. Would that work?" Kaylie said.

"Great, would you like me to bring anything?" Sarah asked.

"No, no, absolutely not. Listen, Miss Johnson, would you know how to get in touch with Mr. Jackson?" Kaylie asked.

"Well, Kaylie, yes, he is sort of on my couch." Sarah said.

"Uhh, um, he is there now?" Kaylie said.

"Yes." Sarah responded.

"Oh wow, Miss Johnson, please tell me, has anything, you know, happened this morning?" Kaylie said in a small voice.

"Well, yes, I guess so." Sarah responded.

"Miss Johnson, did he…, fuck you this morning?" Kaylie whispered.

"Yes." Sarah said.

Sarah heard a short silence and then she thought a soft moan. She listened closely to see if Kaylie was still on the phone.

"Miss Johnson, have you seen the boys since last night?" Kaylie asked.

"Well, Kaylie, they are here too." Sarah responded.

"Oh Miss Johnson, please bring them too." Kaylie said with a soft whisper.

"Ok, Kaylie, I can. Are you sure your mom would be alright with that?" Sarah asked.

"Oh yes, she will be fine with that. I will see you at 3:00 then?" Kaylie said.

"Yes, Kaylie, we’ll be there." Sarah said.

"Goodbye, Miss Johnson." Kaylie said.

"Goodbye, Kaylie." Sarah responded and hung up the phone.

Sarah got the bacon going and walked into the living room.

"Mr. Jackson, that was Kaylie and she invited us all over to her house for a cookout. She says her mom wants to thank us for helping Kaylie yesterday." Sarah said.

Hank listened to Sarah tell him about the invitation and he felt his mind opening up and a plan forming in his head. It would take some manipulation, but he thought it was possible. He smiled and leaned back into the soft couch, happy that the solution had finally decided to get here.

"That would be great, sweetie." Hank said.

Sarah hopped back into the kitchen and continued to make breakfast for her three men. She was excited thinking about going to Kaylie’s. She snickered as she thought of Hank and the two boys loose around the two twins. She wondered how long it would take for them to have them on their backs with black cocks buried in their little white pussies. She smiled as she realized how her mind was working now. The bacon was almost done.

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