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Sonia nunn

Morgan’s eyes were unfocussed. She was panting and moaning, and totally out of control. I gently pulled her limp hand away from the teen cunt and redoubled by cunt-sucking and clit tonguing, and was rewarded by renewed moans from the teen.

Suddenly I sensed the guy tense and grunt, and he give one final mighty thrust as warm jiz pumped into Morgan and around my prick. Our pricks and balls were pressed tight together as Morgan’s cunt quaked around our cocks. The teen squatting over my face also trembled and grunted, and I knew she was having her orgasm.

I thrust more urgently into Morgan, and as I finally grunted and squirted my cum into her she moaned and convulsed over me, shaking and quaking, her cunt squeezing every drop from me and our close neighbor. I heard a light round of applause from the nudist crowd. The teen cunt lifted away from me and the softening cock of her boyfriend withdrew, leaving only Morgan and I lying together, totally spent.
She lay stretched out atop me as my arms pulled her close, so we were chest to chest, legs to legs, belly to belly, face to face, her cunt still wrapped around my softening prick, massaging it gently with her cunt muscles. We kissed gently then, tongues and lips probing. It might sound crazy, but this was my favorite moment. 

"Wow," I finally remarked.

"Yeah," she agreed. 

I rubbed my hands over her slowly from shoulders to ass, a middle finger finally entering her tight little ass hole. "You still need to be fucked in the ass," I noted. I glanced over to our younger neighbors and saw that’s exactly what they were attending to at the moment. The guy’s prick was hard again already, and plunging into the little teen’s ass relentlessly as she bucked and moaned. Other couples on the beach leisurely massaged genitals, fucked each other, or simply enjoyed the sun and surf.

Morgan moaned into my shoulder as my finger probed her ass. "True," she acknowledged, "and I need to give you some suntan lotion." She sat up and doused her pussy with suntan lotion, then slowly spread it over my legs with her cunt lips. Meanwhile she reached down to suck clean my cum-covered, deflated cock, using her warm soft lips and tongue. Then she used her soft little hands to spread lotion over my cock and belly.

"Too bad this business trip is only ten more days," she remarked, as she spread lotion over my chest.

"I don’t think I can last out today."

"We’ll see." Grinning, she squatted over my firming prick with her wet slippery pussy and moved it gently over my hardening length before sliding it into her again. It was a perfect fit.

Lyrics of the old Grace Slick song came to mind:
"You can't cock yourself woman
You need a man
All the way you need him
All the way
All the way
Seven inches of pleasure
Seven inches going home
Somebody must have measured
All the way down the old bone
All the way
All the way
All the way
Down the old bone"

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