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Shelly taylor

We rocked against each other while she told me of her introduction to partying field-hockey style.

"They brought me to their camp blindfolded, and tied me up on the ground between two trees." Been there, done that, I thought. "Pretty soon I had two girls sucking my tits and another sitting on my face. I thought I was in heaven, but then they took it further and I felt this huge dildo sliding into my cunt, and another one up my ass. I’ve never had that much stimulation all at once, not even when I lived at the ranch."

I was silent for a moment, envisioning the scene while I worked my boner in and out of her sweet pussy. I thought I heard a noise just inside the trees, but couldn’t see anyone there and soon forgot about it, having more important things to do. I rolled her onto her back, legs up near her ears. I was getting pretty turned on, and wanted to give her the most intense fuck I could think of. I pulled out of her and, making sure her asshole was well lubed with a fingerful of saliva, eased my rod into her tight anus slowly. She groaned in pleasure, then increased the volume as I slid three fingers into her gaping vagina and began moving them in and out in counterpoint to my thrusting cock.

"Did it feel a little like this?" I asked, pounding into her roughly and making her grunt with each thrust.

"Oh, fuck yes!" she breathed, pinching her own nipples cruelly.

"How did the pussy taste?" I asked her, strumming her clit with my thumb as I ramped up my finger-fucking to a fever pitch.

"Like heaven!" she moaned. "It’s been a while since I’ve had an all girl session, and I forgot how much the air smells like all different kinds of pussy all at once. Oh, God! Fuck my ass, Dave! I’m going to come!"

I redoubled my efforts, sweating and straining as I slammed into her, bringing her to a muffled climax as she strove to contain her shrieks while orgasm took hold of her. Watching her open mouth emitting strangled cries, and feeling her pussy clenching on my hand while her rectum twitched rhythmically on my meat, I soon followed suit, grunting like an animal as I pumped her ass full of semen.

We collapsed next to each other, comfortably spent and gasping for breath. I held her tightly, amazed and thankful that I had found a partner as horny and perverted as me. In the post-coital glow, I threw her a curve ball. "Have you ever made it with a pregnant chick?"

"What?" she laughed. "No. Why? What have you been up to?"

"Oh, just a little surprise I might have in store for you. I’ll tell you about it another time, if you’re a good girl."

I felt her strong fingers grab my nuts and squeeze none too gently. "What if I’m a bad girl?"

"I’ll tell you anyway!" I gasped, and she released my tortured testicles with a snicker.

"You bet your ass you will," she said archly, then cuddled against me. Exhausted, we fell asleep.

To be continued...

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