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Shawn keller

I already knew what I wanted from her and I was absolutely certain Celeste would agree, because she was a fuck slave too. "Okay baby, I‘ll make you cum, but when I set it up, you gotta fuck another woman like a nasty little slut, lezzy, while I watch and jerk myself off. You‘ll have to eat each other out and rub your cunts together, suck each other‘s tits, while I masturbate and cum. Then I‘ll fuck one of you while you eat the other‘s pussy and make her cum. You have to eat her cum! Will you do that?" She was moving her hips faster and harder, as she breathlessly screamed, "Yes! Yes! I‘ll eat another woman‘s pussy and fuck her and I‘ll suck her tits and nipples and French kiss her and I‘ll eat her cum! Now, please make me cum!"

I replaced my fingers with my tongue once again, savagely eating her, dripping, slippery pussy. She smelled and tasted so good. Finally, I touched her clit and made her screech at the top of her lungs as her back arched like she was possessed. She was not in control of her body at all, as I held my tongue against her clit, starting her massive explosive orgasms, squirting her cum hard. I made sure her orgasms were going strong, then I quickly got up in between her thighs, shoved my dick into that velvety, slippery, hot pussy. My body jerked hard as I fucked her deep and fast, both of us cumming and wailing as our orgasms made our bodies soar blissfully with our explosive orgasms. 

She had wrapped her legs tightly around my back, fucking me hard and deep, her arms around my neck, digging into my skin and biting my neck as she moaned and panted, hissing through her clenched teeth. "Oh you fucking bastard! Fuck my cunt! Fuck it good! Fuck it hard and deep!!!! Ah, yes!! You‘re making me cum so hard!!! You fuck so good!!! Oh, fuck!! I‘ve never wanted cock so bad in my life!" 

We fucked through our orgasms until we were both through cumming and completely out of breath. She turned out to be a better piece of ass then I first thought. Breathlessly, I told her we couldn’t be dance partners anymore, but I’d fuck her like crazy, but only after I watched her and Celeste fuck each other. Then I told her I would get another dance partner and fuck her senseless, adding her to the mix. I was going to have several whores to fuck, while forcing the others to watch and join in. I told her if she objected, I would never fuck her again or make her cum. She wasn’t happy about it, but she wanted my cock so bad, she reluctantly agreed. 

We dressed quickly and left the studio before anyone else came in. I didn’t take her to my apartment that day. Celeste was waiting for her fuck session.

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