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I lifted her knees up and apart, moving my body between her thighs, my cock laying on her stomach. I lifted her arms over her head, holding both of her wrists in my left hand. I pressed my hips down, sliding my length along her body, my balls brusing against her exposed sex lightly. All this time, I watched her eyes in the near dark, the light of the banked campfire glowing in through the tent window. My right hand move down to massage her breast, twisting and pinching the nipple. I smiled, feeling her body react, her lips part, her breath quicken, her skin begin getting the sheen of her heat. 

"Finish the sentence you started this morning. Tell me what you stopped yoursel from saying," I whispered. I could see the recongnition in her eyes, even through the lust beginning to smoulder.

She whispered back, "I, I can't, say it, yet, Master. I, it's too soon. I don't, can't yet."

I gave her nipple a harder twist, pressed the base of my shaft against her clit. Her back arched up and her eyes fluttered closed. "Tell me, Slut. Say the words."

She bit her lips closed and shook her head, moaning behind her closed mouth.

I chuckled darkly, my right hand tracing down her belly, grasping my cock and rubbing the head along her nether lips. I took a second to control my voice before I spoke. "You will tell me, pet. I will tease and torture you all night if I have to, but I will hear you say it."

Her body shivered and she moaned. "Please, Master," she begged. "Please don't."

I pushed my shaft just a little against the opening of her cunt, just enough to keep it there. I moved my right hand up to join the left at her wrists, looming over her and whispering in her ear. "Whisper the words to me, or I will impale you through your slut hole and make you scream them, bitch."

I could feel her make her discision, her body tensing for what she was afraid of. As she opened her mouth, took a breath, began to speak, I rammed my full length into her, burying myself and pressing against the rough circle of her cervix. The words she was going to whisper came out as a scream that echoed through the trees.

"I love you!"

She cried, her secret exposed, I could feel the blood from her embarrassement in her face. Slowly, I began sliding out of her until nearly pulling completely out, before slowly pushing back in. 

I whispered against her face, kissing her tears away. "It's okay, my little pet. I'm scared, too. Because I love you."

I released her hands and she wrapped her arms and legs around my body. We made love that night, slowly building each other's passion, stoking the fires carefully, taking our time. We explored each other, learning every crevace and nook, every spot that tickled or caused a gasp of delight. I brought her to orgasm over and over again, and she brought me more times than I thought possible. It was nearly dawn when we finally fell asleep, spent, wrapped in each other. 

End of Night 2

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