Sarah Williams (author)

Sarah williams

I had only done prone bone a couple times before with the FWB, and she had a nice big booty to rub against. Cassidy’s ass wasn’t big by any means, but still had a level of thickness to it.
As I picked up speed, I put my hand under her stomach and started rubbing her clit again. Cassidy was biting and gripping the bedsheet, so I knew she was going to squirt soon. I could feel some squirt come out around my cock as pressure built up in her pussy. Finally, she pushed down with her vagina, and my cock came sliding out with a stream of squirt following. I rubbed her clit even faster, and more squirt came out of her. I stuck my cock back in her and went to town on her pussy again. I rubbed her clit faster again, and in just under a minute, she squirted more that one time than any other time she had tonight. There was an actual puddle of her squirt on the bedsheet beneath her pussy. 
As all this was going on, I felt pressure of my own start to swell up in my balls. I was going to let go soon, and I needed to know where she wanted me to go. I thought about just cumming on her ass, but I felt that was kind of in poor taste.
"Where do you want my cum", I asked.
"Stick it back inside me, and fill me up", she said.
"You sure", I replied.
"Give me every last drop in my pussy. I’m royalty, damn it", she said.
"If you insist, your majesty", I replied, and as she laughed I stuck my cock back inside. She let out a squeal, and moved her ass around beneath me.
"Oh yes, give that cum. Shoot your load inside this rodeo queen", she said to me.
"Oh fuck, yes. Here it comes", I replied.
I blew 6 or 7 full ropes of cum deep inside Cassidy’s pussy, and had a few small spurts come out after. Cassidy clearly enjoyed that feeling.
"Your warm cum feels so good inside me, I wish I could have some more", she said.
"I’ll try and muster some up for you", I replied. And I started pumping again. Surprisingly, not as much of my first load was coming out. It wasn’t long afterwards, that I could feel my balls tighten up again.
"Oh that’s it. Fill me up again. I want more, give me more", Cassidy moaned from a small orgasm. 
"Oh shit, Cassidy, here comes some more", I moaned as orgasm #2 reached. 5 ropes of cum shot out of the end of my cock, with a couple spurts following. I rolled off Cassidy’s back and laid on the bed.
"I feel so full down there. That was damn good", she said.
"Hopefully nothing sprouts from that. Otherwise you won’t be queen no more", I replied.
"Well, you treated like a queen. That counts, don’t it?"
"I suppose. You sleeping in here tonight?"
"I think I’ll just cuddle up next to you for the night. Maybe I’ll get a little more out of you yet", she said with a grin.
"Easy there. Rodeo queens got to take it easy riding bulls", I said as I turned out the light. And sure enough she cuddled up next to me and we spent the night in my camper, her pussy filled with my cum.
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