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Samantha thompson

I could tell she was getting into it even more once she started playing with her clit. In a matter of a few minutes, I felt her get even more wet as she orgasmed on my tongue.

"Not bad," she exclaimed as she got off my face and slowly sat down on my hard cock. I was excited and it almost hurt to be that hard. The sensation of being in her was almost too much to handle. I had been craving this since I saw her walk through the door in leather. Not thinking, I started to thrust into her. A smack to my face shouldn't of been surprising yet it was once again.

The leather wrapped around her fingers felt good on my skin as she rode me. My eyes watched closely as she removed the gloves and tossed them aside. Her left hand gripped my neck while the other dug into my side. I bit down in excruciating pain as she bit my neck harder than I expected. A sign of displeasure escaped and she didn't like that.

"What the fuck is wrong with you? I'm giving you more than you ever deserved and you are displeased? Stop being a little bitch and be a man. Suck it up!" It was hard but I did what I could as she bit me again.

Suddenly I felt a finger slip in my ass followed by two more. It was a tight squeeze and hurt but I feared upsetting her. She bounced up and down and bucked her hips as I laid as still as I could. I knew that I couldn't last much longer.

"Fuck me faster! I want you to cum inside me." The only thought in my head was, finally a break! Unfortunately, the fast penetration drove me to the brink and over. In a short matter of time, I came inside her. Breathing hard, I smiled but that was ruined.

"You are truly worthless. One orgasm? You could have at least gave me two. Punishments will be in order!" she screamed as she walked off with her pack of cigarettes in hand. Worry came over me. What would she do to me? It didn't take long for me to get an idea.

"I called some friends over. Wipe that fucking smile off your face! If three fingers hurt your poor little ass, be ready for a whole lot of pain bitch."

I froze, worried about what was possibly coming to me. Maybe it was just a mind game and I really had nothing at all to worry about. "She is just being dominant and trying to get in my head," I thought to myself. There was still that what if that I couldn't completely ignore. What if she isn't bluffing? What if she did have people coming over? There were so many questions and new one surfaced. She didn't tell me the gender of her friends but assured me there would be something in my ass. I'd never had anything up there so strapons worried me but the bigger concern was that they could be males. She always had a thing for bi guys.
 I calmed myself down with the thought that she would never bring other guys in without my permission. At least until there was a knock at the door and I heard her voice accompanied by male voices. Fuck, it was going to be a long night.

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