Sam Boamah (author)

Sam boamah

I hear something dragging along the hardwood floor and I’m being very still. Master tells me to kneel and I do. He is sitting in the chair he just moved and guiding my head back to His lap. 

As I suck him this time, He is telling me what His plan is for the evening. He says that he has just cut a glory hole into the wall behind me. He has taken an ad out on craigslist and posted that excellent head will available for the next few hours. He has confirmed that several men will be by and he expects me to suck them all until they cum. Some are friends of his, some have answered his ad. I do not have to swallow, if I do not want to, that will be up to me. Master takes off the blindfold and I turn to see that he has cut a hole in wall where it will be easy for me to do this. 

For the next few hours I am on my knees sucking. Some men cum almost instantly, some men seem to have better control. At times Master, lets me have a break and gives me something to drink, but it is only for a short time. Some men want to talk to Master about other play opportunities, some men leave without saying anything. There are a few that ask to watch, and Master allows them to come into the room where I am to watch. He calls me names such as whore, bitch, slut and asks me if I enjoy being Master’s slut tonight. He talks with some of the men, and I am listening to some of the conversation. They want to know how I was taught to suck like that, and if I am always that good with it. 

Master, is quick to almost laugh it off saying, "that bitch likes a dick in her mouth, she will do almost anything to keep one there." These are the men that thank Master for allowing them to use me. 

Generally all of them are satisfied and my face is covered with their cum as I pull away just far enough to not have it in my mouth. Master likes to watch this, He has waited to see this. I am not sure how many I have sucked by the end of the night. 

Master pats my head and tells me that we are done here for the night. He lets me go to the bathroom to clean up before He sends me home. 

It isn’t long before Master comes over. He wants his dick sucked, but not in the quick way that the other’s got tonight. Now He wants me to work His dick and take my time so He is able to enjoy it as long as possible. As He is settling down, drink and cigar in hand, I start by kissing His feet. I would like to think that I am the only slave He has that kisses them the way I do, then I move up to his balls and finally take his dick in my mouth. I suck and kiss and lick in ways that I know He enjoys, and He continues to use this time to teach me to take Him down into my throat. After all, deep throating is something I still need to work on. I swallow him completely as he comes. 

He pats me on the head, hands me a shot, then tells me I may go get ready for bed and tonight He will allow me to use my toy to masturbate. I kiss His feet one last time and go.

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