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Saad campbell

"Mine." it wasn't a claim or a reminder this time. It was a demand. I was panting with need, but trying to reason with him.
"Look, I'm sorry, but...heck, I don't even know your name. Can we just go and-" a sharp gasp ripped from between my lips and I bucked involuntarily when he dipped down and took one of my nipples in his mouth. I threw my head back as he rolled the sensitive skin between his teeth and lapped at it greedily. His hand was teasing patterns across my skin with the very tips of his claws and i was shuddering and panting by the time his hands reached my thighs again. He ripped them apart suddenly and I yelped at the soft knick of claws against the sensitive skin. He threw my leg over his hip and nestled in to where I couldn't seal my legs again, his hips flush against mine and his member rubbing against me teasingly.
"Caleb." the word was a rough growl in my ear as he reached down to grasp his cock and line it up with my entrance, but I understood.
His name.
I didn't have time to let myself really absorb this before I let out a scream of pleasure when Caleb suddenly thrust his cock into me, making my eyes roll back in extacy.
I threw my other leg over his other hip and groaned at the new sensations the angle brought as he thrust deeper into me, hard and fast, his fat cock hitting my gspot over and over again and making me cry out, not caring who heard and who might stumble across us and see.
In a world of savage beasts and monsters, it wasn't uncommon at all to find them fucking around every corner. The poor fairy maidens, tiny women with pointed ears were constantly snatched up and used as cock sleeves left and right since they were so easy to fold and fuck, and made any cock look huge in comparison to their small frames, and elves fucked to celebrate, to apologize, to fight, and everything in between, usually out in the open like we were right now.
A cock like the one hammering into me right now could possibly split a fairy in two and I moaned at the thickness and how perfectly it stretched me. 
"Fuck!" I squealed as Caleb grabbed me off the wall and took a step back so he was holding me in the air and bringing me up and down on his waiting cock, faster and faster, harder and harder until I felt a climax building in my core as I was jarred around like a rag doll on Caleb's cock. His thrusts were growing eratic again and i tightened my legs around him in anticipation,brining him in deeper as we fell to the ground, his body pressing mine into the gravel as he pounded into my aching core, grunting and snarling and his cock ravaged me and brought me closer and closer to release.
He came first, burrying himself deep into me and stuffing me full of his hot cum, sending me over the edge with the erotic sounds that came from his climax and the sensation of being filled.
"Mine." he growled once more into the crook or my neck as he slowly softened inside of me.
"Yes." I panted breathlessly.

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