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Robert johnson

"You sure you want that." the captain ask.

"Yes I’m sure." said jack giving the captain an answer.

"ok she can stay but she has to live in your room, got it!" said the captain as he tried to get back to flying the ship. The captain just thought that he had just lost his chance to try and hit on Jack, decided he would try some other time when he was alone. Jack had turn around heading back to his cabin with Lucie following him, when Lucie heard jacks name being called over the ship intercom, asking him to go to the training room as he was need. Jack hearing it too sighed and walked in the opposite direction from his room, thinking to himself "Am I ever going to be able to get some sleep."

Jack walked in to the training room to find his old buddy from hand to hand training.

"Is that who I think it is?, It is man it good to see you, what name do you go by now?" asked jack shaking hands with him

"I go by Shadow, I heard in lating its Umbra or something like that." Shadow said to jack. "Anyway that’s not why i called you hear, I called you hear to give you something." as he gestured to a case sat on the table made of wood and had the same humming sound that came from the bow.

"So what is it?" Jack asked Shadow.

" well we found a few thing a couple of years back when you were still training. we tried to lift it out and take it back to based to be studded. but the man the went to pick it put threw out his back trying lift it, he said that it was heavy and only seemed to get heavier the more he tried to lift it." Shadow said telling how they came to find it.

"So we tried to bring in a crane to pull it out, but the cable that we were using to pulling it out snapped after getting it 2 inches of the ground. We then brought in the mag lift hoping that would be stronger to lift it to our surprise it lifted slowly out of the creator and so we put it into a wood box with electro magnets in it to make it easy to lift." as Shadow said opening the box letting jack have a look at it.

"But if one of your guys threw out his back trying to lift it why give it to me?" Jack asked him, trying to see where this was going.

"Will you see we were hoping that you would take this as a gift from us to you for helping us with the U.I.S Sek." said Shadow try to give the box over to jack, who accepted it.

" well thank you for the gift I will have to find a place to put this thanks." Jack said thanking Shadow for the gift who then quickly turned fuzzy and then disappear all together, jack realising it was a hologram just shrugged his shoulders and walk out of the training room and walked back to the cabin that he now shared with Lucie. Finally remembering that Lucy was with him he asked if she wanted her bow back, to which Lucie said that she didn’t have a bow and that she was just a stowaway, Jack quickly saying that she had booby trapped it is was hers and there was no hiding from it.

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