Relap Wicks (author)

Relap wicks

I slid my tongue along the top of her panties and i heard her breathing become slightly heavier. I began to massage her thighs and i parted them gently. "ooh god" she moaned with her eyes closed. "I want to feel your tongue on my pussy...please." I responded by kissing my way down the front of her sexy little panties before sliding my tongue up the wet cloth between her legs. I could already taste her and i felt my own pussy growing wet at the thought of tasting her further. 

I played my tongue up and down the wet cloth gently for a moment before I couldn't take it anymore..i slid those panties off of her and before i knew it i was teasingly slipping my tongue between those most cunt lips of hers. She was shaved and smooth and she tasted sweet and perfect. I watched her as i licked her and her hands gripped the sheets as she pushed her hips forward into my face. Her eyes were shut and she was beginning to pant. I slipped my tongue a little deep as i began to fuck her gently with it. Her hips rocked a little. "Oh shit i want to feel your fingers inside me." she said with a growl. I obliged by moving my tongue play up to her clit as i slowly slid one finger into her tight little pussy. She moaned and shoved her hips down on it. I sucked on her clit gently as i fucked her as slowly as i could manage wanting to tease her to the point of losing all control. 

Finally she reached down and began rubbing herself as i fucked her...i couldn't take it anymore...i slid another finger into her as i slide my body all the way up hers so that i could kiss her lips deeply. I began to fuck her at a faster pace and her body moved in rythym with mine. i felt her pussy tighten around my fingers and i felt as i f I might nearly cum from the sensation of it all. Her breasts bounced as i began to fuck her harder and both of her hands found their way to my back. I slid a third finger into her and i kissed her passionately. I was filling her up and she was loving every second of it. She was soaked and her hips were moving franticly with my thrusts. I began to kiss her neck and her low moans that were growing louder and louder were turning me on spurning me to fuck her harder faster and deeper. Our bodies were moving together now and i felt her body tense up as i thrust into her..she was going to cum. I alternated the speed and depth of my thrusts until i felt her nails dig into my back. I whispered into her ear "cum all over my fingers baby." as i felt her tighten. She screamed softly.."oh god Danielle! i am going to cum don't stop don't stop! DONT STOP! FUCK!" Her whole body tensed and she began to cum all over my fingers. I had never felt such intimacy with someone. I kissed her gently as her body was still shaking slightly from orgasms. She looked up into my eyes and i knew she was glad that i had showed up. Her fingers played softly through my hair and a smile spread across those luscious lips of hers as she said "and now its time to return the favor!"

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