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For a minute I thought I was going to have to scream it hurt so bad, but once I managed to relax it actually started to feel good, and then it felt great. If you know what I mean?"

"I know exactly what you mean." Susan replied. "I felt sort of the same way when he put it in my pussy this afternoon. At first I thought he was going to rip me open, but once he got in it felt so good and full inside. I’m not sure where he put that whole thing in my pussy though. God, it’s huge!"

"I felt the same way tonight with it up my ass." Michelle said quietly, "But once it was in me it felt so good. Can you imagine what Julie must have felt like with both of them in her like that?"

"I’ll bet we get a chance to find out one day soon." Susan said.

"Oh, I never even thought about that." Michelle said. "Of course that means that we get each other too. That’ll be good."

Susan said, thoughtfully, "I’m guessing we’re going to get all the sex we want from now on. Rich and Tom seem to have a lot of friends, I’m guessing we’ll get to know quite a few of them, and either of them could keep a girl busy."

We heard Michelle swear. "God, I’m not sure my ass will ever go closed again."

Susan said, "Oh don’t be silly." Then Tom laughed and gave us away.

"What?" They shrieked together. Then Michelle said, "Our Masters have been listening to us."

"Yes, we have." I said as we stepped into the bathroom. "And yes, it will close, but after Tom it may take a little while, wherever he puts that thing. And yes, it’s nearly certain that if you both behave yourselves you’ll get both of us at the same time one day soon. And finally, yes, we both have a lot of friends, and we’re going to be very happy to share the two of you with them, just as we did with Julie tonight. But first, the two of you need to learn a little discipline, which we will happily administer as needed."

Tom added, "Precisely correct. I sincerely hope it doesn’t turn out that we actually have to punish them, although I can see it could easily happen." Tom glowered for effect. " Especially with my head-strong slave. Now it’s time for a shower and bed. Everybody in." He opened the shower door and called for Julie to join us.

With three shower heads we got clean and played for quite a while, but finally started filing out to dry and head to bed. There was a lot of good natured play, but we had all reached a point where there just wasn’t going to be more sex, at least until morning. I brought a couple of bottles of wine to the bedroom, with glasses, and we sat in bed and talked and cuddled. Julie had selected the middle and asked for the girls at her sides, Tom and I took the outside positions, next to our respective slaves. Michelle dozed off first, cuddled against me and snuggled back against my body, Susan was slightly behind her in falling asleep. I was glad for the oversized bed, so the five of us could sleep comfortably even stacked closely against each other.

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