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She began to wiggle her but on it so I reach around and put my hands on her pussy and started to play with it. She moaned out slightly and kept rubbing her ass against my cock as I rubbed her pussy. After a while of that I bent her over more and positioned my cock the entrance of her pussy as pushes in. She let out a big moan" ohhh fuck baby it feels so good!" I began to to pump my cock in and out of her. 

My wife moaned louder as I pushed my dick in and out of her wet cunt" fuck yes baby fuck my little cunt show me who’s boss baby"! As soon as she said those words I cut loose and got rough I started pounding hard into her and reaching for her tits grabbing them hard squeezing and tugging at them. "Fuck baby yes ughhh I love the way you fuck me! I’m such a horny bitch"! I squeezed her tits hard and kiss and bite on her neck as I tear away at her pussy with my cock. 

Moments pass as I fuck the hell out of my wife and she moans out "baby I’m going to cum don’t stop fuck me harder"! I’m not one to disappoint so I take my hands from her ties bend her down more. I run one hand up her back and into her hair gripping a handful of it and I pull back as hard and at the same time I slap her ass with a loud clap and she screams out in pleasure and pain. "Oh fuck baby yessss I’m going to cum all over you!!!!" I keep pounding away as she starts to cum hard. "Ohhhhhhhh baby Yess I’m cumming all over you cock ohhhhhh fuck yes!!!". As she finish cumming she looks back at me "you haven’t cum yet baby let me fix that!" She drops to her knees and takes my cock in her hand and starts to stroke it rubbing her fresh pussy juices into my cock. 

"Mmmm I bet it’s going to taste so good!" With that she takes the tip in her mouth and starts to suck and bob her head. " oh shit Kim you cock hungry women!" I lean my head back in pleasure as she swirls her tongue around my cock. My wife takes my balls in her hand and rubs and squeezes on them just enough that it hurts but not badly and I moan in pleasure. "Fuck baby I’m going to cum make me Blow my load down your throat"! She continues to suck my cock and puts her hands on my ass to hold on or so I though right at the last minute she shoves a finger in my ass and I cum hard filling her throat with my hot warm seamen. 

"Ahhhh fuck baby holy shit I came so hard holy hell!!!" She swallows what she can and gives me this cute little grin with a stream of cum running down her mouth. I take my finger and wipe it off and she licks it clean off my finger. "Baby what made you do the finger in my ass thing that was so amazing!" She chuckles " the opportunity was there and I wanted to try it!". I kissed my wife deep and then we washed up and got out of the shower and went into the room to get dressed. What we didn’t know is our daughter had missed her bus and was waiting for one of us to take her to work and she had watched all of what we did in the shower but that is another story.............

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