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She wiggled her ass in front of Kevin’s face, bending her knees and swaying side to side.
"Now, is that a sweet ass or what?" Mark turned to Kerrie.
"It was a sweet ass when she stripped at the bar, it’s a sweet ass now." Kevin agreed.
"Honey, spread your cheeks for him." Kerrie froze. She started to raise her hands but couldn’t. The feelings overwhelmed her. She dropped to her knees, put her hands to her face and cried.
"Get up," Mark said coldly. Kerrie slowly wiped her face and got back to her feet.
Kevin unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.
"Spread your cheeks," Mark said.
Kerrie closed her eyes and mustered her strength. She saw Kevin’s tattooed forearms again but it wasn’t enough. She saw Davey’s head in front of her, the elaborate tattooed designs swimming in front of her face. She leaned down and licked the top of Davey’s head, her hands behind his head, pulling him close. She felt the bones of his skull underneath her tongue and wanted to open herself, touch herself, feel his cock inside her. She reached around and took her ass cheeks in her hands, opened them for Kevin to see, all the time, kissing and licking the beautiful blue ink on Davey’s bald head.
Kevin let Kerrie stand there like that for a full five minutes before he slid his hand up the inside of her thigh. Kerrie moaned out loud and pushed herself back toward him. Kevin fingered her, two fingers deep inside her cunt, his index finger touching her clit as he pumped in and out. He was stroking his cock with his other hand, his balls hanging out from his unzipped jeans. Kerrie came quickly, her whole body shaking.
"Get on your knees," Kevin said. Kerrie knelt, eyes looking at his cock. It was erect now, eight inches and thick. She wondered if he would ass fuck her or just make her suck him. Either way was fine now, she needed something even if it wasn’t her husband.
Kevin stood up and stepped closer to Kerrie. She opened her mouth and leaned back, ready to take his cock in her throat, just as he started cumming, shooting streams of sticky jism onto her face and neck. "Don’t move," he said when she started to close her mouth. Kerrie opened her legs and stroked her pussy with her fingers while Kevin continued stroking, shooting more and more onto her forehead and hair.
"Just stay like that," Kevin said. He wiped his cock in her hair and pushed his semi-hard cock back into his pants. Then, he ran his finger over her face, smearing the cum evenly across her cheeks, nose, chin, everywhere, all the way back to her ears and up and down her throat.
Kerrie was shocked by how turned on she was. The abject humiliation had found somewhere in the back of her mind and was working it. She wanted to cum, wanted to beg them to fuck her up the ass, even take her back to the bar and pass her around but she couldn’t say anything. They’d told her to keep still.
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