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Patricia salas

He crawled back on top of her and she spread her legs. He eased his cock into her wet cunt. He began fucking her furiously. She wrapped her legs around his waist so she could pull him in to her as far as possible. I had never seen her like this before. I knew from the grunts and moans she made that Elizabeth was incredibly aroused. 

I stood by the pool table and watched in awe. When the first cowboy blew his load inside her it sent her over the edge again and caused her to have another glorious orgasm. Her gasps of pleasure were muffled by the large cock in her mouth. A growing damp spot appeared underneath her ass. She was having gushing orgasms that were drenching the table. One of the others took the first cowboys place on top of her and he quickly buried himself in her pussy. I was fascinated that she was unconcerned who was fucking her as long as her pussy was being used. She began jacking the guy off who she had been sucking and he came in several massive spurts. She raised up to catch it in her mouth and got most of it. The rest splashed on her face and hair. Elizabeth sucked him clean. About that time the second pussy fucker stopped humping her and suddenly pulled out in order to shoot his load all over her stomach. She was beginning to get coated in cowboy cum. She rubbed it into her skin and brought some up to her lips to taste. 

The next cowboy on the table had Elizabeth turn over and get on her knees. She bent forward so she could suck the last guy off while getting fucked from behind. The cowboy behind her started humping her pussy, while he shoved two fingers in there to pull out some cum. He then used the goo to lube up her ass opening. I knew what was going to happen next. He pulled out of her cunt and began easing his glistening tool into her asshole. She paused in her sucking in order to concentrate on being ass fucked. The cowboy gently pushed all the way in, held it there for a moment, and then began to slowly stroke in and out of her back door. Elizabeth started really groaning loudly now and reached underneath with a free hand to play with her pussy. She then got back to serious dick sucking and quickly brought the man to a climax. It gushed into her mouth and she let it drool out from between her lips nastily.

Each of the cowboys used her ass, pussy and mouth several times during this romp. She had their cum and her own juices dripping from each hole and her mouth. She was covered in cowboy spunk and sweat. I could not guess how many orgasms she had during the ordeal. Her legs were shaking as we helped her off of the pool table. She leaned against the pool table as she regained her composure. I helped her slip back into that now stained white dress and we stumbled out of the place. The bartender winked at me and said our tab was his treat and for us to come back any time. My guess is we will mark this town on the map for future vacation destinations. 

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