Nathaniel Parsons (author)

Nathaniel parsons

"Your man is hung Sarah, and thick, watch me blow him, I love another woman watching me blow her man," Rosie whispers as she teases his balls, licks and kisses the sides of his cock and then slides his cock between her pursed lips as she grasps his ass cheeks.

I am very turned on watching as I stand behind her and almost as a reflex action place my hands on the sides of her face and guide her mouth along my man’s erection.

"I don’t think you can last long baby, not long at all," I tell him as I can feel his tense body and roaring erection thrusting into Rosie’s mouth on my fingertips.

"I love watching my man having his eight-inch erection sucked by a hung tranny.

"It was awesome watching you blow Rosie, you really turned me on, I am so horny, I want you to watch Rosie lick my cunt soon, very soon and I want you to masturbate while you watch."

"Tell me again baby, tell me again," he moans as he blows a huge load.

A short time later I am in the bathroom freshening up as I watch Rosie and Roger in the shower together with their hands all over each other.

"Sarah wants you watch me lick her cunt while you masturbate, so do I, she is a pornographer’s delight."

After watching two people receive a blow job I am hanging out for sexual relief. I am multi-orgasmic and today I feel as though I am ready to test my limits.

As I make myself comfortable laying back at forty-five degrees on the couch with my legs open and one foot on the couch I note that both my man and Rosie have almost full erections already.

As I hoped Rosie licks the inside of the thigh I have planted on the couch and licks her way up to my cunt lips to my great delight.

I watch intently as she commences with soft butterfly licks along my cunt lips and then finds my clit with the tip of her tongue.

"I am very turned on after watching you and my man pleasure each other, I am multi-orgasmic Rosie, test my limits for me," I tell her as I orgasm very quickly.

At the same time I am enjoying watching my man slowly masturbating his oily and now very erect cock as I ogle Rosie’s erection - double pleasure.

I lose track of the time as Rosie has me orgasming almost continuously as Roger is obviously enjoying watching a tranny pleasuring me as he slowly masturbates.

"I am getting close baby," he moans as he stands in front of me and teases his roaring erection with a fingertip.

"Please baby, please," he whispers as he feeds his rock hard erection between my willing lips.

The sensation of a tranny giving me exquisite sexual pleasure as she licks my cunt lips with my man’s erection sliding between my pursed lips is a new sexual experience for me.

"Please baby, please, blow me," he whispers as his load hits the back of my throat and I have my ultimate orgasm and squirt, then squirt some more as Rosie masturbates with gusto for us.

"You are awesome Sarah, an absolute turn on," they both tell me as we wind down in the afterglow.

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