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Molly frye

She tell him she will follow him to house. Then he get in his truck and throw bag on passenger seat. He thump his head on the steering wheel while he grip his own crotch to ease the erection. As later as they arrive at Billy's house. Amanda take a bag of ladybug costume out of car to bring inside. She asked him if he could give her ride to party together since she want to save money for gas later. Billy agreed with her. She also ask him if she could use his shower, Billy don't mind. When she getting into the bathroom, he quickly look inside bag of her costume and take it out to check out. He feel the satin costume and knew this costume's tight for Amanda. Then he look at heel shoes inside bag but he notice something Amanda stuffed in her high heel. He pull it out of it and feel his cock getting light hard after looking at Amanda's ladybug pantie. He smell and sniff her pantie as hoping her pussy wet's on it from other day but nothing. He got a big idea what to do with pantie. He grab his phone and texted to one of his friend who has very skilled on modify clothing. Since his friend Keith owe him a favor. While Keith's on way to Billy's house, Amanda's done with shower. She came out of bathroom with wet hair as her towel wrapped around her as she holding her clothes in her left arm.

Amanda: "Hey? Don't you mind I take nap for while?"

Billy: "Of course, you are guest here. Bedroom is just down in hall on your right."

Amanda: "Thanks!"

He look confused as if she's taking nap in naked or she's gonna put it on in a room instead of in bathroom. While few minutes, a doorbell interrupt his thought.

His friend Keith came over with his huge sewing kit box and meet Billy, while Amanda's taking nap. Billy asking him if he could modify pantie into thong quickly but he also ask his friend to modify her costume shorter. His friend willing to do it for him faster.

Keith: "No problem. I can get it done in thirty minutes."

Billy: "Thirty minutes?! You are my lifesaver!"

Keith: "Haha you are welcome."

Thirty minutes later, the result's back after modify and he show Billy her thong. 

Keith: "All done. Is that what you expecting?"
Billy: "Wow. Yes, it's perfect."

Keith: "How about a skirt?"

As Billy looking at skirt as Keith hold it in air which is much shorter than original one.

Billy: "Geez! You actually did it!"

He really impress with it. Somehow when Keith heard someone open the door in down the hall.

Keith: "Who's with you?"

Billy: "Oh shit. Get out before she see you. Don't forget your sewing kit box!"

He grabbed her costumes and put back in the bag as Billy lightly pushing him out of front door.

Keith: "Oh oh! Now I see where it's going! Good luck!"

Billy: "Yeah! Thanks!"

As he slammed the door loudly and noticed her receipt for purchased on costume. He took it out of bag then drop it on floor and stuffed in his pocket as Amanda came out of hallway.

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