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.. slow... sweet kiss on Eric’s lips. Slowly, ever so slowly she ran her soft right hand up and down his chest. She giggled cutely and just as fast as it began, the kissing and touching stopped. She moved back and opened the closet suggestively putting weight on the hip. A moment later, she tugged a cream blouse off a hanger and slipped into a little peasant top that showed off the flawless physique and the muscled definition of her well developed abdomen.

She grabbed a pair of low heeled white strapped sandals, and turned to Eric again, and say daintily on his lap and slipping into the strapped sandals from that day at the beach a week or so ago. Once finished, she rocked back and stood up fluidly and turned to Eric. Her smooth legs brush Eric’s knees as she leaned over another sensual kiss.

Misty grinned at Eric, "Have to go to class, now. If you're good boy and stay here, maybe there's some fun waiting for you when I get back. If you're a bad boy and try to escape, I'll find something stronger to bind you with and maybe, you wont like what happens." As if on purpose, the hem of the skirt brushed the skin of Eric’s knee a few times. "Understood?"

With a smile, Misty turned and grabbed her backpack and neatly skipped out of the room. "See you in a couple hours!"

Eric sat unmoving for a minute at a complete loss after he heard the door slam, He sat there and tried to wriggle his wrists and ankles. He heard the door open. he looked up as Misty sauntered back. Her smile was genuine, her eyes twinkled, she bent, squatting before him, but instead of freeing in she pulled down her blue polka dot panties and stepped over to him, she gripped the material that was jammed in him mouth gagging him. She tugged it out none to gently, Eric saw it was one of her socks, he tried to keep his jaw tightly closed. Misty slapped him hard, Eric yelled loud only to have his yell cut off and Misty who muffled him effectively by forcing her still warm panties into his mouth.

"They better still be there when I get back! Oh, on second thoughts", She reached into the sleeve of her blouse, and Eric heard a soft snap, as Misty expertly pulled her bra out. She walked behind him Eric sat helpless, he could feel her warmth behind him, the bra, still warm from confining her pert warm fragrant breasts, she swung the bra around his head and made sure one of the 34B cups covered his pantie filled mouth. She tied the ends behind his neck.

She smiled as she looked at her handiwork. Now be a good boy Eric, and I will be back after class, but, and she lifted the hem of her short skirt, showing him her hairless pussy, anything can happen." 

The door closed behind her

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