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"I took my time earlier today. Just for you"

She now had two fingers in her pussy and I was stroking my cock a little faster. My precum was making a good lubrication for my hand. I kept watching her as she was working harder on her pussy. Her fingers were soaked now and her breathing was picking up. With her left hand she was pulling at her nipples while her other was busy fucking. 

Suddenly her body tensed up and she started moaning. Not loud but just softly and sexily. Like a loud whisper. "Ohh yeah. Ohh yeah," she kept repeating. "Oh baby, I'm close." 

The build up seemed to take a long time but was probably only 30 seconds and finally her body wrythed and all she said was "oh.... oh yeah.... ahh...ohhhh." 

She didn't scream but but instead just made gentle sighs of relief as she rode out her orgasm. That was sexier than a wild scream.

She looked completely spent, not to mention sexy as hell, lying there naked on the other end of the couch. I desperately needed some relief and got on my knees and knelt right in front of her. She was kneading both of her breasts and whispered "right here....right here."

I couldn't wait to shoot my load all over her tits. I got close enough and for the first time that evening our naked bodies were actually touching, though just our legs. I was holding on to her right leg with my left hand while stroking my cock with the other. I wiped off a big drop of precum and offered it to her. Wow! Felling her wet lips surround and suck my finger was awesome. And I could tell she loved it.

I started jerking faster and faster and soon that familiar tingling sensation was creeping in on me. She could tell I was close and cupped her breasts in anticipation of what was coming. Or cumming. A few seconds later I let out a gasp of air and my body clenched. I moaned loudly as I shot jets of my hot cum all over her breasts.

"Ohhhhhhhhh..............yeaahh. Oooh, Sharon." Spurt after sput of my cum landed on her breasts and one shot even hit her neck. Her tits and nipples glistened as her hands rubbed my personal lotion all over.

It was such an incredible sexual experience without actual sex. I crawled back to my end of the couch as we both just sat there for a minute without saying anything. Finally she crawled over to me and collapsed on top of me. We kissed and caressed each other. We just laid there for nearly an hour kissing and having pillow talk. 

I suggested taking a shower and we quickly went to the bathroom. Soaking up the soft hot water felt wonderful. And washing each other's hair was wonderful as I love having my hair played with. I spent the entire night with her at her place. We both were quickly asleep once we got into bed. Awaking a couple of times during the night and feeling her naked body next to mine felt wonderful.

Waking up on a sunny saturday morning with the birds singing and a beautiful woman is a great way to start the weekend.

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